It Really Does Brighten My Mood – Chit Chat

For the last 20 billion days it has been raining in Devon and I’m not gonna lie, it has really depressed me and zapped all motivation, energy and good vibes. I had to dig out my winter attire after packing it all away when we returned from our holiday, get out the Chelsea boots and find some sort of coat.…

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Meal Plan

Meal Plan In Pictures

I thought I would take a different approach to my meal plan for this week. I love reading other people’s meal plan ideas but would like to see what their food looks like. So, I have put my meal plan for last week into pictures for you. Monday Today I had sausages, jacket potato and broccoli as we had nothing left…

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Monthly Favourites

Holiday Favourites

Here are my holiday favourites that were used every day in Majorca. I wish I was still on a sun drenched beach sipping a pina colada and not wearing jeans, boots and a winter coat! Travel Detergent This Superdrug travel detergent was amazing, it worked so well on the children’s sandy swimwear, soiled swim shorts and underwear. You can use it…

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Potty Training

Helpful Potty Training Advice

It seems like a lifetime ago that I potty trained Amelie – she was 23 months – and now Charlie has been potty trained since December 2016 (he was 32 months). I’m not an expert, however, I’ve successfully trained 2 children and thought I would share some helpful hints/tips that I found useful and may assist with anyone looking to…

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What’s In My Beach Bag?

So, what’s in my beach bag… Holidaying as a family of 4 I need a massive beach bag to ferry around everyone’s bits and bobs. This Joules beach bag is perfect for such a job and I was really surprised at how big it is. It isn’t the most practical colour, however, having been used for 11 days at the…

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Mummy Life

I Need Routine

Holidays are wonderful, you look forward to the build up buying new clothes, chatting about what you are going to do whilst abroad and just generally getting excited about your 10 days in the sunshine together. Then you come home and you’re tired from travelling, the kids are beyond exhausted and have contracted some sort of bug from the air…

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Meal Plan

Post Holiday Meals & Workouts

Being on an all inclusive holiday my eating habits were so messed up, I had a cooked breakfast (sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs & toast) every morning, no snacks, lunch was a weird combination of cooked foods and salad along with a sweet treat and dinner was a mish mash followed by another sweet temptation. On top of the food I…

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Bungalow Living

  I never imagined myself living in a bungalow I always thought of them more for the elderly rather than a family of 4. When we were looking to buy a property when I was pregnant with Amelie we viewed the more common 2 up 2 down houses with a tiny garden and no parking, anything bigger than that was out of…

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Banana Bread Recipe

I’ve never made banana bread before and to be honest every time I bake the end result ends up burnt and tasting like rubbish. We had some ripe bananas that were just left in the fruit bowl, you know the ones that are a bit brown that no-one really wants to eat. So I decided to take the plunge and…

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Easy Play Dough Recipe

My Children are obsessed with Play-Doh but I have issues with it. I hate the smell for starters, I know lots of people love the smell of it but it makes me feel ill. Secondly, it lasts all of five minutes before it has dried out and gets all crumbly – not good for my cream carpet. So, I thought…

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