Month: March 2017


LeapFrog My Own LeapTop, Scout – My Thoughts

Just before Christmas I was visiting a good friend of mine, whilst at her house she gave Charlie a LeapFrog My Own LeapTop to play with. I had not seen this kind of children’s laptop before but Charlie absolutely loved playing with it. So it was only natural that it went on the Christmas list. As soon …


Cute and Funny Ramblings of a 2 Year Old

Both of my children are complete chatterboxes they never stop. They both said their first word at 6 months old and have continued to talk ever since. Our lives are filled with crazy stories, funny (not funny) jokes, tuneful songs and lots of laughter. Charlie has been making me giggle lots just lately, here are …


Party Bags & Supplies Review

Having recently just planned and organised my first ever 5th birthday party I can honestly say I wish I got a party pack with everything all organised for me. I will remember this in future should I hold any more parties for Amelie and Charlie. It is stressful even if you don’t intend on it …