Meal Plan

Post Holiday Meals & Workouts

Being on an all inclusive holiday my eating habits were so messed up, I had a cooked breakfast (sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs & toast) every morning, no snacks, lunch was a weird combination of cooked foods and salad along with a sweet treat and dinner was a mish mash followed by another sweet temptation. On top of the food I…

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Bungalow Living

  I never imagined myself living in a bungalow I always thought of them more for the elderly rather than a family of 4. When we were looking to buy a property when I was pregnant with Amelie we viewed the more common 2 up 2 down houses with a tiny garden and no parking, anything bigger than that was out of…

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Banana Bread Recipe

I’ve never made banana bread before and to be honest every time I bake the end result ends up burnt and tasting like rubbish. We had some ripe bananas that were just left in the fruit bowl, you know the ones that are a bit brown that no-one really wants to eat. So I decided to take the plunge and…

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Easy Play Dough Recipe

My Children are obsessed with Play-Doh but I have issues with it. I hate the smell for starters, I know lots of people love the smell of it but it makes me feel ill. Secondly, it lasts all of five minutes before it has dried out and gets all crumbly – not good for my cream carpet. So, I thought…

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Hand Luggage Snacks for Children

I’ve not had to pack a hand luggage bag in 4 years so had to check the restrictions with the airline we are flying with. Anyone with children will know they eat ALL THE TIME! Even when they aren’t particularly hungry they seem to snack day and night, my children are little monkeys when it comes to snacking, so I’m…

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Safety Abroad – Kid-ID Wristbands

As we all know I’m an over anxious, worry wart of a mother however I am not alone in this and that brings me some comfort that I’m not a crazy person. I’ve talked about safety when out and about with children in terms of ID wristbands before and as we are going away soon I thought I would order some new…

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Boy Holiday Clothing Haul – Next, H&M, Primark

My most favourite thing about booking a holiday apart from the excitement of having all the family together relaxing (or not, if you have energetic children), is buying holiday clothes! Any excuse to shop and I’m there, so here are a few items I bought for Charlie for our holiday abroad. This little lot is just to top up his…

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Exercise, Meal Plan

Meals & Workouts

This week is going to be mainly a protein based week with meals as we are nearing our holiday and I’ve been sticking to reduced carbs for the last week. I’ve also upped my water intake and have gone cold turkey by cutting out caffeine – I have had a monster headache from this but surprisingly have felt less tired.…

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Mummy Life

Is Three The Magic Number?

A recent post I published on the fab MeetOtherMums website. From an early age I knew I wanted to be a mother, I had always wanted a boy and girl although I never picked any names for them but I just knew that’s what I wanted. When I found out I was pregnant for the first time I secretly hoped…

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Days Out

Days Out In Devon – Torre Abbey

What a soggy, miserable Sunday it has been in Devon today. We were not put off by the torrential rain, freezing temperature or black sky.  Instead we set about exploring and adventuring as we had two very restless children who needed to get out and do something fun. We were very kindly invited to Torre Abbey Family Sunday, Story Stomps with Stiltskin, this…

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