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Hendra Holiday Park – Newquay, Cornwall Adventures

We have just returned from a lovely weekend break at Hendra Holiday Park in Newquay, Cornwall. This was our annual Halloween break we do through the Sun newspaper, this year we chose Hendra. It was a really nice park with excellent facilities and fab entertainment, the children loved the Halloween disco and taking part in the …


Hand Luggage Snacks for Children

I’ve not had to pack a hand luggage bag in 4 years so had to check the restrictions with the airline we are flying with. Anyone with children will know they eat ALL THE TIME! Even when they aren’t particularly hungry they seem to snack day and night, my children are little monkeys when it …


Safety Abroad – Kid-ID Wristbands

As we all know I’m an over anxious, worry wart of a mother however I am not alone in this and that brings me some comfort that I’m not a crazy person. I’ve talked about safety when out and about with children in terms of ID wristbands before and as we are going away soon I thought …