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What I Ate Today

I made it through the day without anymore illness – yay! Here’s what I ate today…


Yoghurt with a fruit layer, I love these. They are so delicious and not chalky like some thick breakfast yoghurt, plus this keeps me full for hours.


For lunch I made a quick salad of spicy turkey (thin) steak, peppers, boiled egg and a dollop of extra light mayo.


I don’t know what it is but, whenever I have a sickness bug I’m ravenous the next day (when I’m feeling better). I was craving some choccie biscuits and a good old cuppa tea.


I made turkey mince bolognese for dinner tonight. I served this with whole wheat pasta for Mr K, I skipped the pasta though and opted for the mince and a sprinkle of cheese. I like to serve my food in a cereal bowl as I can keep on top of calories/portion sizes.

I also had a flat white from my favourite coffee shop Coffee #1.

I do try to be as healthy as I can during the week (just my personal choice) but let myself eat what I want at the weekends. Since my last sickness bug nearly a year ago I’ve lost over a stone from following My Fitness Pal and exercising consistently.

Have a great weekend!


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