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Lactose & Dairy Free Foods

Being lactose intolerant has been a bit of a blow for me to be honest. I’ve always had a sensitive tummy and there was talk of IBS years ago, things got better and my diet changed dramatically. However, over the past 4 months I’ve been suffering with very bad bouts of tummy aches, sickness, bloating and upset.

I’m still very much on my journey with finding foods that do not contain lactose, I have managed to seek out some favourites and thought I would share them with you.


I found these little treats in Waitrose. I do have a sweet tooth and sometimes just fancy a jelly sweet. I love these Candy Kittens they are really tasty and do not leave me feeling sick which is a bonus.


Nothing new here really, I’ve been snacking on Nakd bars for as long as I can remember. They taste amazing, are healthy and have absolutely no nasties in them. I have at least one a day and sometimes they replace breakfast if I’m in a rush. I always have one in my bag, Charlie is very fond of them as well.


One of the things I’m struggling with is giving up chocolate and cakes, I thought my days of consuming a thick slice of shortbread were over. Not so, I found these scrumptious Millionaire’s shortbread in Waitrose, they are a bit pricey for the amount/size but worth a treat. They are light on the tummy but still bursting with all the chocolate goodness.


I’m not the biggest fan of almond milk so was very excited to try the new Koko Dairy Free milk. This creamy super milk is jam packed with 9 vitamins and minerals, it is so tasty and goes well with all cereals, granola and porridge. I even put some in with my scrambled eggs for that extra creamy taste – amazing! The ultimate taste test came when I gave it to the children without telling them they were trying a new milk, they loved it and didn’t bat an eyelid. It can be tricky to find a milk that isn’t really watery but at the same time isn’t packed with sugars or tastes thin. I would definitely recommend giving this dairy free super milk a try if you are looking for an alternative.


We love snacks in our house and I always have something to hand just in case one of the children need a quick fix. I have bought the Fruit Bowl products since the weaning days but find myself gravitating towards them, especially the Mango Fruit Flakes – they are sooooo good! I like to keep things like this in the cupboard and use them for packed lunches as well as snacks for on the go. I’m such a fan of healthy but yummy snacks that feel like a treat but you are guaranteed there are no nasties in them.


Out of all the supermarkets I cannot rate Sainsbury’s enough for their selection of good quality free from foods. All of the cookies are super yummy, really kind on the tummy and taste so much better than “normal” biscuits.


I found this little gem whilst browsing in Sainsbury’s. I really love yoghurt and granola for breakfast, I’ve been having that for over a year now and was so upset when I thought I couldn’t have yoghurt any more. I have tried the Asda lactose free yoghurt but it tastes really weird, I was so happy to have found the Rachel’s one as I have previously bought the breakfast yoghurt pots from the same brand. The texture is creamy and tastes amazing with granola and fruit.


One thing I’ve been making an effort to do is take a probiotic to promote a healthy gut as I’m still having so much trouble with my digestive system. I started taking this particular brand of probiotic because it is dairy free, soy free and vegan friendly so I know there are no hidden ingredients that might cause upset. These have been working brilliantly for me, my favourite is the chocolate shake. I recently had gastroenteritis which was absolutely horrendous so I am trying to get back to where I was previously. Biomel has been amazing for my overall gut health.

The only thing I would have a slight snag with is the price of all these free from foods, why are they twice, sometimes three times the price of normal foods? It just doesn’t seem fair.

If you have any suggestions please let me know as I am still going along on my journey. My next quest is to find the best dairy free Easter Egg, I hear Aldi sell free from mini eggs – exciting!


Disclaimer – This is a collaboration post with KOKO and FRUIT BOWL, items have been gifted in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions on these brands are my own.

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