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Meal Plan In Pictures

I thought I would take a different approach to my meal plan for this week. I love reading other people’s meal plan ideas but would like to see what their food looks like. So, I have put my meal plan for last week into pictures for you.


Today I had sausages, jacket potato and broccoli as we had nothing left in the cupboards.


I made a chicken and mushroom risotto from the Lean in 15 cook book. This is the first time I have ever made a risotto and it tasted amazing, really filling and full of flavour.


This is butter and chipotle chicken, it is usually served with a sweet jacket potato but I didn’t fancy that so served it with rice. This is also a Lean in 15 recipe and is one of our favourites.

Thursday & Friday

I like to be savvy with some meals to stick to a food shopping budget so I made the Joe Wicks sweet potato cottage pie, it has beef, carrots, courgette, onions and peppers in it. This meal will stretch to two days and is really yummy.

You may be wondering whether the children eat what we eat and the answer is no. My kiddies eat between 4pm – 4.30pm and go to bed between 6pm – 6.30pm. They have always gone to bed around this time so eat earlier than us, Mr K doesn’t finish work until 5.30pm so it makes eating together impossible. I know it is important to eat as a family and I wish our lives enabled that, however eating at different times works for us and our routine. I do have two fussy eaters so giving them something like the risotto or healthy cottage pie would cause so much stress and upset I gradually introduce new foods for them to try, hopefully as they get older we can sit down as a family and enjoy our dinner together.



  1. Lovely. We eat separately from our kids mostly, but that’s so we can chill out and enjoy our food. Our son is older so he eats with us now so when Belle is older she will as well. I sit at the table with Belle and she tells me all about her day so we still get the interaction that we would if we ate together. We always eat together at the weekend. It’s life!

  2. I love this idea – much more inspiring than descriptions. I’m going to look up the butter chicken recipe 🙂

  3. I love Joe Wicks stuff. His red pepper & cashew sauce with pasta & chicken is delicious. We tend to eat as a family as we both get back from work at 6 & pick kids up from in laws or clubs on the way home. But on a Friday the kids eat earlier because of swimming lessons & we love then making something for just us.

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