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My Favourite Gluten and Dairy Free Foods – Coeliac Approved

I have been meaning to write this post for such a long time as I get lots of messages from you lovely lot asking me to share my free from finds. Well, I have been collating my findings for a while now and am finally sharing some of my favourite gluten and dairy free foods, I hope you enjoy this and please let me know if you have any good finds.


Kicking off with a fairy new find. Violife Creamy is a delicious vegan and gluten free cream cheese packed with lots of vitamins. I had this on a bagel with cherry tomatoes and salad at a café in Exmouth, it was so good I rushed out to buy it.


Oh my goodness, if you love Ferrero Rocher you will become obsessed with this stuff. It is SO GOOOOOOD!!!! I was literally eating it out of the jar with a spoon. I really miss Nutella but not the sugar content, this butter is really good if you want to reduce your sugar intake but still have that sweet treat. It tastes amazing on crumpets, English muffins, mixed in porridge or just out of the jar.


I have always loved fish fingers, we ate so many growing up and you cannot beat a proper fish finger sandwich with tomato sauce. Sainsburys have such an amazing range of free from foods and these fish fingers are probably the best I’ve ever tasted – light, crunchy with thick meaty fish!


I love BFREE foods and always pick up a pack of these sweet potato wraps. This is a typical lunch for me as it is filling but also really good on macros.


This is what I have for breakfast every single day – boring to some but it does the job. I have mentioned it before but this Asda free from porridge is the best, it is creamy and really great with Almond Breeze Unsweetened Almond Milk. I tend to only buy Whole Earth peanut butter as it is scrumptious with no nasties.


I do enjoy a sweet treat once the kiddies have gone to bed. This popcorn is far too moreish though so I really do have to control myself otherwise I would eat all 6 bags in one go.


I was delighted to find My Sweet Chickpea in Asda last month and thought I would give them a whirl. They are delicious and even both of my children love them. I use them as a snack for lunchboxes, as a topping on my porridge or as a sweet treat. If you haven’t tried them I really recommend picking some up, they come in lots of different flavours my favourite is the Cappuccino ones – yummy!


A random mix of foods here. You all know I’m obsessed with Nakd bars and eat one every day. I have recently started eating the Alpro soya based yoghurts which are surprisingly really filling and tasty. I love gnocchi and was really sad to find out it contained gluten. I have tried various other brands of gluten free gnocchi but this is by far my favourite – spinach gnocchi by Diffati. I pan fry mine as I prefer it crispy, I spritz the pan with a little coconut oil and cook until golden brown.


The ultimate biscuit for me is a chocolate Bourbon dunked in a cuppa tea – oh my goodness!! Unfortunately the regular version is out the window but I have found a close substitute in Morrisons. On the slightly more drier crumbly side but still just as yummy.


Who doesn’t love a hash brown with a grill up? I certainly do but sometimes find them a bit greasy. I came across these mini hash browns again in Morrisons and I have to say they are delicious – gluten and milk free too.


I was extremely sceptical trying these out as I thought they would really upset my tummy and taste of cardboard. I could not have been more wrong, they taste just like chicken nuggets, perhaps even better as they are crispy and meaty in a non-meaty kind of way if that makes sense. I’ll be stocking up on these for the festive season for when we are entertaining.

I do have lots more foods to share but I’m quite conscious that this post is really long and I have probably bored you to tears by now. Thanks for sticking around if you got to the end though. Do let me know if you would like to see a Christmas Free From foods post as I am going shopping soon to fill the cupboards with festive treats.


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