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Post Holiday Meals & Workouts

Being on an all inclusive holiday my eating habits were so messed up, I had a cooked breakfast (sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs & toast) every morning, no snacks, lunch was a weird combination of cooked foods and salad along with a sweet treat and dinner was a mish mash followed by another sweet temptation. On top of the food I consumed lots of fizzy drinks and wine – not much but certainly more than what I normally drink.

Safe to say I feel sluggish, so I’m working on getting back on track as I want to feel healthy again. But, as I’ve not got to prance around in a bikini for another year or so I can relax my workouts a bit. I will return to working out 3 – 4 times a week and focus on choosing the right foods for me.

Not gonna lie, I’m still in ‘holiday mode’ and have had a takeaway curry and a shish kebab wrap – not even sorry. So, I’ve started my meal plan mid week this week.



Wednesday: Tuna Salad with chilli flakes

Thursday: Turkey Burger with Mediterranean roasted veg

Friday: Butter Chicken (Lean in 15) no sweet potato

Saturday: Grilled Chicken Salad

Sunday: Turkey Burger with Broccoli



Wednesday: Bodyshred Level 1 (Jillian Michaels)

Thursday: Kayla Itsines (Legs/Cardio)

Saturday: Bodyshred Level 2 (Jillian Michaels)




  • Jo (SeasideBelle)

    Holidays are for having fun and enjoying yourself, so I hope you did. I like the way you are easing yourself back into healthy habits rather than setting the bar too high. Are your workouts DVDs or online?

  • Emily

    Well you’re putting me to shame 🙂 your holiday diet sounds like my diet all year round! Ha ha! What about breakfast and lunch? Any tips? And I’m wondering if you cook up the same for everyone in the family? #devonbloggers

    • Natalie

      I wish I could eat a cooked breakfast every day, ha ha! For breakfast I have granola with natural yoghurt and lunch is either soup, poached eggs on toast or a salad with rice cakes.
      I cook the children’s meals before I eat as they eat at 4.30pm which is too early for me. They don’t have the same as what I eat, in an ideal world I would love us to all eat together and eat the same meals but I’ve got fussy eaters.

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