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What I Ate For Dinner

I haven’t published a food related post in ages so I thought I would show you what I’ve been eating for dinner.


Today I scrambled 2 eggs in a non-stick pan and served with 2 turkey rashers. It doesn’t look like much but it was really filling, I love this type of dinner as it requires minimal effort.


Grilled chicken breast topped with chilli flakes, a whole red pepper, cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks. A fresh and healthy tea, again no effort as Tuesday’s are a busy night with after school clubs.


I bought some chicken tikka breasts from Asda, grilled them and put a small slab of mozzarella on the top. One of my favourite veggies is baby corn, I added the broccoli for extra vitamins.


A go-to meal which I have every week is salt & pepper turkey burger and salad. I grilled the burger and added balsamic glaze to my salad – yummy!


By the end of the week I feel a treat coming on. I felt like something more tasty for dinner tonight so headed to Waitrose and found chicken breasts with asparagus wrapped in prosciutto, served with roasted cauliflower/cashews and garlic bread. I cannot resist a couple of slices of garlic bread, it was absolutely scrumptious!

My weekend away went by in a carb coma, I eat what I fancy at the weekends.


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