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What I Ate Today

What I ate today (Thursday) wasn’t really that exciting, I don’t know about you but when it is roasting outside my eating habits are all over the shop. One minute I’m not hungry and the next I’m ravenous, anyway here is today’s eats.

Breakfast – 6.30am

I had one of my favourite combos this morning, a nakd bar and a Granny Smith apple. I’ve started putting my apples in the fridge, they last so much longer and are super tasty.

Lunch – 12pm

You are going to look at this and think how disgusting I am. I promise these foods put together taste really nice. I mix my tin of tuna with the balsamic vinegar and add some seasoning, I mush up half an avocado and pop a boiled egg on the side (only 1 egg) – all the goodness and hardly any calories.

Dinner – 5.30pm

For tea tonight I had half a pot of this scrumptious soup from Aldi, I know it is hot outside but I didn’t want a proper cooked meal so opted for the soup.


I have an underactive thyroid so I have medication for this every day. I stocked up on all my vitamins this week as I have not had any for around 3 months and am feeling awful for it, I am constantly exhausted to the point where I may need to visit the doctor. I also need to find a good vitamin for hair, since my horrendous sickness bug last November my hair has been terrible, so if you have any suggestions please let me know.

I drank water and had a McDonald’s coffee as our kettle is broken and I cannot (will not) live without coffee or tea.


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