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What I Ate Today

I hope you all had a great weekend, mine was very busy and I ate far too much. But, that’s what weekends are about aren’t they – good coffee, pastries, takeaways and red wine.

Here’s what I ate yesterday, I wasn’t really hungry I was rushing about lots due to Charlie starting school, packing the house up for our move and just generally trying to juggle life. I did manage to get a really good kettlebell class in when the children went to bed.

Breakfast – 7.30am

I have been loving the Arla SKYR yogurts for breakfast, they fill me up and don’t feel too heavy. I usually have this first then an hour or so after I will have my favourite nakd bar – cocoa delight. This keeps me going until lunchtime.

Lunch – 1.45pm

I went to Aldi whilst Charlie was at school and picked up a chicken to roast. I had this with avocado, half a red pepper, cucumber and hot salsa – delicious!

Dinner – 5.45pm

I wouldn’t normally eat before my kettlebell class as I don’t like feeling bloated and full, but as the class has been moved to later in the evening I decided to have dinner earlier. I’m really fussy with red meat and hate the taste of it, especially steak. But I have found the perfect steak from Aldi, it has a chilli seasoning and is very tender, not chewy or fatty. I grilled this and served with toasted gnocchi which I do in the frying pan with a tiny bit of coconut oil until it is all crispy. I added some tender-stem broccoli and baby corn, I was stuffed.

I don’t eat after my dinner which is usually around 5.30pm, I’ll have water instead if I feel hungry. During the day I had a bottle of Smart water, two cups of Pukka Matcha Green Tea and one cup of normal tea.


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