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What I Ate Today – Coeliac Gluten Free

What I Ate Today


No matter how hard I try I cannot steer myself away from a good hearty bowl of porridge. I love Asda Free From Porridge Oats (40g) in a bowl with a dark chocolate Biomel and a dollop of peanut butter. This genuinely fills me up for a good 4 hours.


Another favourite as you will know, a salted caramel Nakd Bar. Absolutely delicious and a perfect snack to keep me going.


Two things I can no longer stomach at the moment but on this particular day I made eggs, turkey bacon, cheese and cherry tomatoes. Eggs really upset my tummy if I eat them as a whole but I’m okay with them added to foods. Turkey bacon was my go-to lunch option but they aren’t agreeing with me right now. This Violife cheese is amazing though I cannot get enough of it.


Looks a little sorry for itself and hardly anything on the plate. Unfortunately I can’t eat large cooked meals as they really make me feel sick. So I stick to little and often, today was salad, a grilled chicken breast and these new finds in Asda – Cathedral City Nibbles, Lactose Free. I used to buy these for the children they love them too.

And that was it for me, apart from lots of water and cuppas. I am already thinking about Christmas party food, nibbles and the all important Christmas dinner which is going to be so different for me this year being gluten free.


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