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What I Ate Today: Gluten Free, Coeliac Lifestyle

Good morning!! I hope you are all having a good week so far despite the current situation surrounding us at the minute.  These lighter mornings are perking me up, I just wish we had a little more of that gorgeous sunshine. I don’t like wishing time/life away but I really am ready for Spring/Summer now, yes I love Autumn but I’m not a fan of life after Christmas. The magic and cosy-ness disappears and it is just wet/windy and grim.

I cannot wait to get cracking on sorting the gardens out. I have a Spring To-Do List and top of the list is painting the outside wall, weeding, sorting and painting the front room. I do love a freshen up when the clocks change. And if we are self isolating soon this is the perfect time to get those jobs done!

Anyway, I thought I would do a what I eat post as I’ve not published one for ages and I like to keep a record of what foods I’ve been enjoying. I joined a new gym in January which I am absolutely loving, but I have to say I’m missing my home workouts so I got my pump on with good old Jillian Michaels this morning using kettlebells and dumbbells it feels so good to work my upper body as it responds very quickly to weights.

I’ve been a bit slack with the healthy eating since my birthday in January, amongst other reasons I have  partaken in far too many boozy weekends so I am on a little mission to get things back on a healthier note.

Here’s what I ate last Wednesday…


As always a 40g bowl of Asda Free From Porridge, mixed with Biomel and topped with crunchy Almond Butter. I’ve not tried the crunchy version before and I much prefer it.


I cannot go a day without a Nakd Bar and these new Chocolish bars are just the dream with no more calories than the ordinary bars. They are so good but I can only find them in Sainsbury’s so I stocked up yesterday. I do love a cuppa tea mid morning.


Only this week have I reintroduced whole eggs to my diet, I’d not eaten them since the summer as they made my tummy a bit funny. I scrambled 2 eggs with almond milk and served with 2 Heck sausages – I kind of overdid the sausages, they resembled charcoal fingers, oops! Just an update, the eggs and sausages did not go down well, so it is back to omitting them from my diet.


For dins I had a grilled turkey steak with asparagus and purple sprouting broccoli. It doesn’t look a lot but it was really filling


I’m a bit of a snacker and will often just graze all day instead of eating proper meals. I quite fancied a sweet treat so reached for some Aldi Coconut & Vanilla Popcorn which is gluten free, it was delish. I also had this Alpro yoghurt with my lunch, I find soya yoghurts fill me up far more than dairy ones.

That is a lot of food for me in one day. I did feel a little icky after the popcorn so may only have half a bag next time. I’m slacking with my water intake which would explain my horrible headaches so really need to work on that. I had 3 cuppas and a bottle of water – must try harder!

I think during Winter and whilst the weather has been so awful, our bodies go into hibernation mode. We crave carbs, comfort foods, crisps and anything else that makes us feel good. Come Spring time my appetite will change again, I’ll crave salads, fresh fruit and probably a few gins along the way – it is all about balance, right? Although I could do with giving up the Salt & Vinegar Kettle Crisps, they are so scrummy!


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