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What I Ate Today – Lactose / Dairy Free

I’ve not published a What I ate in a Day post for ages. Things have changed a little with my diet which I’ll go into more depth in another post. But, I found out I’m lactose intolerant recently so have been cutting out diary as it makes me feel super poorly. This has been a challenge in which I’m still struggling with but I’ll get there.


So being dairy free means no yoghurt. I used to have Fage Greek Yoghurt but it was giving me the worst tummy ache. Finding a new and tasty lactose free yoghurt has been hard but I’m trying out the Asda one, it’s okay and fills me up. I have this with my usual raisin & almond granola.

I’ve been trying to really up my game with gut health so have been sipping a fantastic probiotic (something which I’ve never taken before) from a brand called Biomel. They do scrumptious probiotics made from almond milk and coconut milk, it tastes like a milkshake and has absolutely no nasties in it or dairy/lactose. It is a bit pricey at £1.20 per bottle but the health benefits outweigh the cost.


Today was an old staple, a turkey burger with peppers and cucumber. I scoffed this in record time and it was delicious, I also drizzle some balsamic glaze over it – yum!


Dinner tonight was garlic & herb chicken breast with stir fried courgettes, mushrooms, asparagus and green beans. I added a bit of chipotle paste to spice it up.


Now here is my downfall – snacks! I consumed nearly 400 calories worth of snacks today. Not unhealthy ones but I was starving, since starting training with heavy weights at the gym my appetite is through the roof – I’m ravenous. I do however stick to my allotted calorie allowance as that is what works for me.

So today I munched my way through a blueberry Nakd bar (my ultimate favourite snack ever), a shot pack of cashew nuts and an apple. I’m going to ditch apples from my diet though as it gave me the worst abdominal cramps right up until the next day.

I drank so much water yesterday and also had 2 coffees.


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