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What I Ate Today & Meal Plan

What I ate today. I popped into M&S at the weekend and picked up a couple of my favourite foods. I’ve included at the end of this post my meals for the week if you fancy a nosy.


I love this little pot of goodness, it feels like a treat but is super healthy. It didn’t fill me up as much as my usual yoghurt and granola but it was tasty all the same.


I went to the gym straight from the school run this morning. I did 50 minutes of weights targeting my legs and arms/shoulders. I was a bit peckish so had a banana to keep me going.

I don’t usually snack twice in one day but I think my workout spiked my appetite so I had a treat. I only buy these bars occasionally as they are just too tempting.


This has to be my favourite lunch it is so yummy and full of the good stuff.


I want to keep it clean and simple this week. I made a big batch of grilled chicken breasts with green beans, I also had kale cooked with balsamic vinegar (another fave of mine).

I had lots of water and 3 teas today, keeping within my calorie allowance. I’m really looking forward to Valentine’s Day, I am making chicken fajitas and will be indulging in a chocolate dessert. I’ll also be enjoying a glass or two of Botonique Blush – all the flavour, no hangover.


Monday – M&S Nourish Bowl
Tuesday – Egg scramble (mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spinach) with a side of cool salsa
Wednesday – Avocado on Sourdough, cherry tomatoes
Thursday – Egg Scramble (mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, kale) with a side of cool salsa
Friday – Tuna mixed with balsamic vinegar, red onion and cherry tomatoes served on sourdough


Monday – Grilled chicken breast & green beans, kale
Tuesday – Grilled chicken breast & green beans, kale
Wednesday – Grilled chicken breast & kale
Thursday (Valentine’s Day) – Chicken fajitas & dessert
Friday – Grilled chicken breast, kale & green beans


Monday – Gym (Legs & Arms)
Tuesday – Kettlebells at home
Wednesday – Gym (Run)
Thursday – Rest Day (If I’m feeling energetic I’ll do an at home workout)
Friday – Gym (Legs & Arms)


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