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What I Ate Today – Summer

Staying with the Summer vibe, here is what I ate this week.


Since my diagnosis with Coeliac Disease things have been trial and error for me and still are up in the air. For breakfast today I had 40g of Waitrose gluten free porridge oats with pumpkin seeds, mixed with a Biomel Probiotic and a chopped banana. Washed down with water and a cuppa coffee. This breakfast keeps me full for most of the morning, although I’m getting a little bored with porridge.


Today I strayed from eggs and instead had a small tin of tuna mixed with a tiny blob of extra light mayo, some cucumber sticks and half an avocado mixed with 2 boiled egg whites – yummy!


Tea was a super simple (lazy) prawn salad with a little dipping pot of reduced fat houmous. I find that prawns genuinely fill me up, although I’m really not a big seafood fan – it’s far too fishy (hahaha!!).


As always I couldn’t go the entire day without a Nakd bar, the lemon drizzle is one of my faves! I also had lots of water and a cup of tea. Unfortunately lacto free milk is not agreeing with me so I am having to cut it out completely which is soul destroying as I love a milky cuppa. Black coffees from now on as I cannot stand almond milk in a hot drink – yuk!

I’m not going to lie, since the summer finally hit I’ve been rather enjoying a few glasses of rose and white wine – not my usual – I prefer red wine but it just does not taste right in this hot weather. Life is too short not to enjoy the vino.


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