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What I Ate Today

I’m back with another ‘What I ate today’ post. I love seeing what people eat, one, because I’m nosy and two, because it gives me meal inspiration.

Breakfast – 7.00am

No surprises here, my favourite breakfast of all time – Nomadic Yogurt & Oat Clusters. Charlie loves these so I have to sneak my breakfast as he will be straight in there even if he’s had his porridge.

Lunch – 12.00pm

I was starving today, I’ve been to the gym this week and it makes me ravenous. I crave all the carbs it is so hard to resist so I try and stick with healthy carbs and protein. Today I had sourdough toasted bread, avocado, chilli flakes and two turkey rashers – yum!

Dinner – 5.45pm

I worked out when the children were home from school so was super hungry. I had chorizo, chicken served with kale and cherry tomatoes. I love a side of kale, I melt coconut oil in a pan throw in a good two handfuls of kale, let that wilt down then add salt/pepper/chilli flakes and cherry tomatoes. Once this has reduced slightly I add a good dash of balsamic vinegar and serve.

Naughty Treat – 6.30pm

I have been so good at not having any treats for about two weeks so I thought I would pick up a pack of Cadburys Caramel (Amelie’s choice). You know when you are really looking forward to eating something, eat it and it is so unsatisfying? Maybe I should have bought a huge chocolate cake instead.

Rescue Plus

I haven’t been feeling too well this week and even fell asleep on the sofa yesterday reading a book to Charlie. I’m coming down with something so have been drinking Rescue Plus and they really do work. So many times I would turn to tea or coffee to perk me up but it does me no good. I also drank a couple of bottles of water throughout the day.

All of the above has been tracked on the My Fitness Pal app and I’m within my calories for today.

I’m looking forward to the weekend as I’m not too strict but I have planned my evening meals. I think a big glass of red will go nicely with our steaks tomorrow night whilst watching Love Island – who else is watching?


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