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What I Eat In A Day

I’m sharing what I eat in a day, I realise this does not look like a lot of food but some days I’m just not hungry. I am quite strict during the week and then eat (within reason) what I want at the weekend, it is what works for me. I pigged out during Easter I just couldn’t resist all the mini eggs, but eating junk food constantly makes me feel really bloated and unhealthy.

Breakfast – Nomadic Yogurt & Oats

This has been my favourite go-to breakfast for about 2 months now and I absolutely love it. It is filling, tasty and is great if I am in a rush on school mornings. I will probably have this for breakfast 4 times a week.

Lunch – Nakd. Cocoa Twist & Granny Smith Apple

If I’m not working out I like to have a light lunch and this combination is perfect for me. I’m a massive fan of the Nakd. bars and always have a stash of them in the cupboard, but Charlie loves them too so I have to hide a few otherwise he would eat the lot.

Dinner – BOL Sweet Potato & Cauliflower Soup

I’m solo parenting this week so only have to cook for myself which is no fun and too much effort. I had this scrumptious soup for dinner – it was amazing and so filling.

I’m terrible at drinking water, I go through phases where I’ll be consistent for about 3 weeks and then only drink tea or coffee – so bad. But I’m on track this week and am trying to get at least a litre of water in every day.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I eat in a day, nothing very exciting at all but worth a share.


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