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Happy Tuesday guys!! I hope you all had a brilliant bank holiday weekend, no school runs – whoop whoop! Lots of people have messaged me to ask what I’m currently eating, so one day last week I tracked everything I ate and here it is.

6.15am This was an early start but I’m used to getting up before my alarm goes off. I’ve always been a morning person and find it easy to get up and get cracking with the day. I start my morning with taking Thyroxine for my underactive thyroid, I let this go down for around 15 – 20 minutes then I have a probiotic. The only one on the market for me is Biomel it contains nothing of offence, my favourite flavour is the Dark Chocolate shot.

I’ll then have my usual go to breakfast – although I’ve just ran out of granola so have moved on to having Asda gluten and dairy free porridge (which is amazing!). But, on this occasion I had my favourite granola and lactose free yoghurt both purchased from Asda.

10.30am My body seems to always get hungry at the same time every day, I cannot go through the day without snacks to keep me going. This morning I had another favourite – a Cocoa & Orange Nakd bar – yummy!

12.30pm I went to the gym today for legs, arms, back and shoulders. I incorporated some kettlebell moves in and a few extra squats. I just love the way my body feels after lifting weights, I’m no strong man but I do push myself to feel the burn. I like to keep lunch simple and most days it will be scrambled eggs with avocado. Today though I mixed it up with a slice of Waitrose Sourdough it really fills me up and I have to cover everything I eat in balsamic glaze.

3.30pm This is the time I usually hit the afternoon slump and will have either a cup of tea or coffee to perk me up. Especially when the rugrats get home from school, their demands for snacks, dinner, drinks and goodness knows what else gets pretty intense so I need a boost to pick me up. Today I opted for a bottle of water and some blueberries, I don’t know what is it but I am OBSESSED with blueberries.

5.00pm I do tend to eat little and often nowadays, I can’t really cope with 3 massive meals a day. Most days I do just graze which works for my body I can’t stand the feeling of being bloated. The children eat around 4 – 4.30pm as they cannot wait any longer, they do have a cooked meal at school but are ravenous by the end of the day. Today I fancied roasting some veg, I put carrots, cherry tomatoes, courgette and peppers into a baking dish, spritzed with coconut oil and seasoning then baked for a good 30 minutes. They came out all crispy and fresh, I stir fried some curly kale with pepper and served with chicken breast which had been roasting in a Nandos kit. I wasn’t that impressed with the roasting bag of this kit though it kind of fell apart, the flavour was nice.

And that is all I ate, I did have a couple of teas, one coffee and lots of water. I don’t eat after my dinner as I’m nicely full.


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