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What I Eat in a Day

Since being ill a few weeks ago and totally losing my appetite for what felt like forever, I’m slowly starting to eat proper meals again. Here is what I on Tuesday. Not every day is this carby, some days all I can manage is fruit and my dinner but I was hungry on this day as I had worked out.

Breakfast – 8:00am

I have never been a fan of porridge, the texture made me feel sick and it tasted either too sweet or like cardboard. I saw Moma Porridge on offer in Tesco so thought I would give it a go. It is gluten free and made with wholegrain oats, although it says to make with hot water I made mine with a bit of semi skimmed milk. It turned out creamy and was so tasty, I was full until around 1.30pm.


Lunch today was a turkey bacon (2 rashers, unsmoked) toasted sandwich with ketchup. It was really yummy and filled me up until dinner time. I would certainly recommend trying turkey bacon as an alternative as it has lots of protein and is great for a quick snack.

Dinner – 5:30pm

I made homemade chips cooked in coconut oil and sprinkled with salt, pepper and a dash of Nandos salt. I also used a non stick frying pan to cook my egg, again in coconut oil, I wiped off any excess oil and served with ham and a huge blob of my favourite brown sauce. I wouldn’t normally have this type of meal for dinner it would either be some kind of chicken stir fry or a Body Coach, Lean in 15 recipe, but sometimes you just need a bit of comfort food and this type of dinner reminds me of my childhood.


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