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So here is another ‘What Mummy Eats’, I received some really positive feedback from the last one which was great.


I had an almond croissant and strawberries for brekkie on this particular day, I wouldn’t normally have this but enjoyed it as a treat. I also had a coffee and some water. Almond croissants are my fave, I prefer them over the chocolate ones – yummy.


We had a playdate after breakfast and when we got home we all had a chocolate crispy cake that the children had made the day before, they went a tad overkill with the edible glitter. I had another coffee, ah that sounds so bad doesn’t it maybe I should have had more water but I was shattered and needed a pick me up as it was the first week of the Easter holidays and life has been full on.


Lunch was an Asda turkey burger with 2 rice cakes and some Nandos spicy sauce. I absolutely love spicy sauce and put it on most of my food. I was looking forward to tucking into this, however when the kiddies caught sight of my rice cakes they proceeded to swipe them off my plate so I just had the turkey burger. Anyone else’s children feel like it is their right to take whatever they want from your plate?


For my afternoon snack I had a Granny Smith apple which I love. I find them so refreshing and tasty they are a good snack to keep in my bag.


Dinner was my all time favourite recipe from The Body Coach Lean in 15 red book – Cheesy, Chicken, Chorizo. I served mine with brown rice as by this time I was starving, I scoffed this and also had some water. This was my last meal of the day, I try not to have anything to eat after dinner but if there’s chocolate in the house then obviously I cannot resist it, it calls me from the cupboard and I can’t rest until I’ve eaten it.

My diet this week has been bad, I had one meal a day for 3 days running as I just didn’t have enough time to eat and also I wasn’t hungry. I’ve not been feeling well so wasn’t too fussed on eating but I think I made up for it over the last few days as I’ve done nothing but eat bloody Easter treats, not chocolate eggs but ginger biscuits! We have so much chocolate in the house I’m tempted to give it away.


Have a fantastic Easter weekend, I’ll be back next week when normality resumes (i.e. the children go back to school) as I just want to enjoy this last long weekend. I’m really not ready for Amelie to go back to school I have loved having her home, Charlie starts preschool on Tuesday so I will be missing my little buddy but I know he will have so much fun.


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