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Zizzi Italian Restaurant – Gluten Free Menu

Continuing my search for a good gluten/dairy free menu we recently had a lunch date as a family in Zizzi. Zizzi is an Italian restaurant with over 160 branches in the UK and Ireland. They serve an extensive range of authentic pizzas, pasta, meat skewers and delicious desserts. I have visited Zizzi many times and always opted for the calzone (literally the BEST) but now I have dietary needs this is completely off limits for me and I am devastated about this.

But not to be discouraged I still went into the restaurant with an open mind. The branch we stopped off at was in Taunton, it is such a gorgeous building with lots of space, great if you have small children and prams. We were seated right near the kitchen, the children thought it was amazing to see the open oven where pizzas are cooked and I was secretly happy as I could keep an eye on the preparation of my food – hahaha!

I didn’t need to worry though as the waiter was brilliant and handed me the gluten free and vegan menu I was happily surprised to see such an array of choice and at the end of the menu was a spreadsheet detailing all the necessary ‘contains’ information. That being said I was still bricking it about cross contamination or my order not being relayed properly, just general anxieties anyone with a food intolerance would have.

For starters I chose mini gluten free/vegan dough balls, you get a very decent sized portion and I shared these with the children. I would have loved a yummy garlic dip but that contained dairy so wasn’t an option for me. For my main I opted for pasta, I usually gravitate towards pizza especially when visiting an Italian restaurant but I fancied a change.

I ordered the Non-Gluten Lentil Ragu which is a rich lentil ragu with kale, fusilli pasta and baby sunblushed tomatoes. The portion was huge and it was so delicious, the best thing of all was I had no side effects the next day which is such a bonus for me as my tummy is extremely sensitive. There wasn’t much room left for pudding so I had a black Americano.

I was so impressed with the children’s menu, my kids are fussy especially Charlie and he ate a massive pizza, bread sticks and a huge dessert. We will certainly be returning to Zizzi, I would love to try the Christmas menu and I would recommend it to anyone who has food intolerances as well as eating out with the family. It was excellent food, a great atmosphere and really good value for money.


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