2018 Back To School Essentials – Are You #TermReady ?

Back to school shopping is a stressful time for parents, if like me, you tend to leave things until the last-minute you will know this feeling all too well. There’s 1 week until my daughter goes back to school and 2 weeks until I have to let my little chap go into reception and I have only bought polo shirts – oops!!

Here is my list of Back To School Essentials to which I will be working from.


I’m being a bit savvy this new school year – tight, if I’m honest. Amelie still fits into her school skirts and cardigans so she will be reusing these until she grows out of them. Charlie will have to have a whole new uniform apart from a P.E. kit as I’m handing down Amelie’s old kit. I’m stocking up on the following:-

  • White polo shirts
  • Grey trousers/shorts
  • Socks/pants/tights

All of the above will be purchased from Tesco as their uniform washes well and is really durable. For school shoes, I will be heading to Clarks like every other parent out there, probably on the same day as everyone. As we head into Autumn I will get both children a new coat but for the time being they can both wear their rain macs.

My NameTags

I swear by name labels and I know they aren’t for everyone, as some don’t see the point of them and prefer writing their child’s name on their uniform. But, Nametags stickers are invaluable, I have used them on every single item of clothing including shoes and hats, on toys, water bottles and sunglasses, I love them and will continue to use them. I think they are a great idea especially for young children who are just learning to read as they will recognise their name label on their item of clothing or bottle. They wear extremely well and are washable.

Water Bottle

This is seriously the biggest headache, finding a water bottle that doesn’t leak and is easy to open. I’m still on my quest to find an affordable children’s water bottle, if you have any suggestions please send them my way.

Lunch Box

My children have been through so many lunch bags and boxes, the only one that has stood the test of time is Amelie’s Smiggle lunch bag. We bought it last September and it is still like new, I have put it through the washing machine a couple of times which hasn’t altered its shape.


As my children are still quite young they won’t need a pencil case full to the brim with exciting pens and pencils but they do love a good stash of this at home. Again, Smiggle is brilliant for quirky stationery needs. The quality is excellent and you can find some amazing bits and bobs, this shop is our go-to for birthday presents.


This year I will be sending Amelie back to school with a backpack as she has so many bits to take with her. I’m usually the mum bogged down with 20 bags, water bottles, lunch boxes and toys. So this year she can carry her own things, my mum has very kindly bought Amelie a shiny pink backpack from Teso with a fuzzy pom pom attached to it, it is big enough to house all of her belongings.

Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean Shampoo & Spray

The holy grail of shampoo for my children – Vosene Kids Squeaky Clean range. I absolutely love this stuff and have been using it for a couple of years now. The 3-in-1 shampoo is brilliant at preventing head lice as well as keeping both children’s hair clean and soft. Vosene Kids have a great range of products for your little ones, they are really affordable and are available from most supermarkets.


Vitamins are a must especially when starting back at school and the seasons changing. I guarantee my kiddies will come home with a cough or cold during the first week of going back to school but I’m going to be prepared with the fantastic Haliborange Vitamins. They are chewy gummies that come in lots of flavours and my children love taking them after their breakfast.

Vanish Gold

One for the mums, lets face it this is an absolute essential and I’ve already got a few tubs of this stuff as well as the soap bar. It is amazing at getting stains out of clothes and brightening up those polo shirts.

So that’s my list, I’m keeping it simple this year and if I’ve forgotten anything I’m sure I’ll be reminded on the first day of school. Are you guys super organised and #TermReady?


Thanks to Vosene Kids for keeping me stocked up on the essentials!

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