What My 3 Year Old Eats

I’ve been having a real issue with Charlie’s eating habits for around a month or so, he has become really fussy. Something which I didn’t think would happen as he has always been a really good eater, I think that Amelie’s fussiness rubs off on him and if she doesn’t like something the whole world knows about it.

Here is a typical day’s food – when he isn’t at preschool.


Today’s breakfast is multigrain hoops with milk and a bowl of raspberries and strawberries. Charlie likes choosing his own fruit and we often chat about the colours and shapes of the fruit.


We went to Bicton Park and after a run around the gardens and soft play Charlie had a pit stop, he loves Soreen bars so that’s what he had.


This lunch looks terrible with all the orange on the plate but Charlie doesn’t have Wotsits very often and he didn’t eat them all. I gave him a cheese wrap and a yoghurt.


This is the meal we struggle on, I’ve tried cooking all sorts of meals and I’m still stumped as to what to give him. Tonight we tried pizza, new potatoes and carrots. He loves carrots so I knew he would eat those, but he did really well with this meal and ate the lot.


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  • Karen

    Looks like he has a really well balanced diet and you are probably right in saying he’s picked up on Amelie fussiness and may be the fact that you are a little worried by it. Most little ones go through a fussy stage, you should come and sit in on a lunchtime ?

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