5 Activities I Do With My 2 Year Old

Do you ever have those days where you’ve not got any real plans apart from housework, laundry and waiting in for a food shop?  We have those days at least once a week, so I thought I would share 5 activities Charlie and me get up to on the home days as I call them.

1. Play-Doh

An oldie but a goodie. Both of my children love playing with Play-Doh, they spend a fair amount of time smooshing (is that a word?) it, breaking little bits off, moulding it into shapes etc. Oh, and also dropping it on my lovely cream carpet!

I used to let Amelie play with Play-Doh all the time when she was Charlie’s age, so today I got it out for him. We spent ages making roads for his truck, making pretend cakes and using the cutters – Mr Gingerbread Man and Charlie’s truck to engage in a bit of role play. I was Mr Gingerbread Man pretending to get a lift with Charlie’s truck (his truck has eyes and a smiley mouth), he took me to the shops to buy some cakes for tea. I really enjoyed this one-on-one with him, his imagination is so brilliant at this age.

2. Counting Cotton Buds

You’re going to think I’m a crazy person but honestly this is one of Charlie’s favourite things to do. He loves getting the cotton buds out of the box on his own and putting them into containers. We count them, he can count to 12 so far and lay them out to make shapes. He really enjoys hiding them in the cracks of the sofa, in his trike and also loves pulling the cotton wool off of the tops. This is such a fun activity and so cheap, what’s 39p and a bit of cotton wool fluff mess to clean up if it keeps your little one entertained for 20 minutes.

3. Looking Through Photo Albums

Every so often I will pull out the photo albums of the children from when they were little. We have photos of them being born (both were C-Sections), the doctors cutting open mummy’s tummy and the cute newborn photos.

Today I got the albums out and we went through chatting about how Charlie and Amelie came into the world, who was who, looking at pictures of baby Amelie and baby Charlie, cousins, nannies and days out that we had had. The one thing that Charlie has been asking when looking at photos of Amelie as a baby is “where is Charlie?” my answer is always the same “you were not born yet sweetheart, you were an egg in mummy’s tummy”. He loves this answer and always has a smile on his face.

4. Reading Books

This is an obvious one and not that original but I thought I would include it anyway. Over the years we have acquired quite a few books but we always seem to gravitate towards the same authors. These are a few of the favourite books that Charlie likes to read. I have had to sellotape quite a few pages of these books as he has often been over keen to rip open the flap to see who was behind the door.

Charlie is a little bookworm and loves nothing more than getting about 10 books out at a time, sitting on the rug in his bedroom or on the sofa and reading. If I’m hoovering or working out he will take a selection of books and occupy himself. We do love a snuggle and a story though. I always have to read the book first and then he reads it back to me in his own words – super cute!


5. Doodling

Just lately both children have been obsessed with writing and drawing, I’m not sure if it has come from Amelie learning to read and write at school and Charlie wants to copy but all they do at the moment is doodle. They prefer to draw on lists that I have made and in my notepad, so I bought a pack of 4 notepads from Home Bargains for them to destroy.

Today we were playing shops, Charlie was taking my order and writing down what I wanted to eat. He loves drawing snowmen and also drawing around his hand, this will keep him occupied for at least half an hour if not more. He does have a tendency to draw on the walls though and all over daddy’s important forms for work – oops!

So that was my round up of some fun activities to do with your toddler, I know some were pretty obvious and I know people will think I’m a tight arse not playing with proper toys, but with the cotton buds instead. Honestly though, give it a go and see the concentration on their little faces.

I would like to add on these home days Charlie does have down time with the phone, we don’t have an IPad but he loves to watch nursery rhymes and kinder egg surprise on YouTube. Of course he couldn’t go a whole day without his most favourite piggy of all…Peppa Pig!







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