A Day In The Life Of A 3 Year Old

3 year olds have the life of riley most days, they get up, make demands, eat you out of house and home, play, lounge around and get to be crazy without people batting an eyelid. I thought I would give you an insight into my 3 year olds day.



“Mummy, mummy, can we go in the front room yet?” Oh gosh, he’s awake nearly an hour before my alarm is due to go off. I try to snooze for another 30 minutes and say it isn’t time to get up quite yet but I’m faced with a small hand picking my face, pulling my eyelids open and breathing morning breath up my nose – let’s get up then.


Charlie likes to assist with making his breakfast, this morning it was porridge, raspberries with a drizzle of honey and a small glass of Sunny D. Trying to get this independent 3 year old to sit nicely and eat his breakfast is challenging. First he’s jumping around the room, next he will wind his sister up, a quick spoonful of breakkie and he’s off again. It literally takes all morning for him to eat up.


After a rushed morning it is time for the school run. Charlie is in school from 9am – 12pm today but first we have to drop off Amelie, luckily both schools are in the same grounds. Charlie is very excited to be at school today which is a relief for me as some days he’s not keen but he knows it is a short day. I leave him playing with his buddies happy and content.


School pick up time! I must admit I can’t wait to see his cheeky little face. I’m told he has had a good morning playing but he got upset that we couldn’t find his water bottle, he gets really tired and emosh when he’s been to school so a quick hug and an “it’s alright” reassurance and he’s okay again.


I make Charlie a packed lunch and take it in the car for when I pick him up, I don’t know what it is but he seems to eat all of it when I put it in his lunch bag. So lunch is at home on the sofa chilling out and chatting about our days, he makes me laugh so much with the stories he tells.

1pm – 2.30pm

On days where preschool is over at 12pm we tend to stay home for the afternoon as the little man is tired and just wants to either play or have some quiet time on my phone watching Hulk, Ironman and Spiderman. This afternoon we got all the junk out from under the bunkbeds, Charlie was delighted with the treasures he found and after he had ransacked the joint he cleared off to moisturise his hands, leaving me to tidy up – cheers buddy!


School run time, I wrapped Charlie up with a hat, hoodie and coat, packed a small snack for both kiddies and off we went.


Tonight was a little different in that we were off out at 5.30pm to watch my little brother’s panto at his school, so I made an early dinner. Charlie requested honey on toast with a Babybel, he ate the middle of the toast, left the crusts and scoffed the cheese. Then it was play time for a bit with Amelie, I think they were playing with the LOL dolls – a favourite in our house.

6pm – 7.45pm

Panto time, I’m not sure what time of year Charlie thought it was but he insisted on wearing Christmas antlers to the show. When we met my mum he was straight in her bag of goodies scoffing sweets and opening treats that she had bought. The panto was amazing both kiddies really enjoyed it but were shattered.


We arrived home and this was how the day ended…..

As you can see it was a busy but fun day.


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