Amelie’s Birth Story

It’s been 84 years… (Titanic reference, sorry but that still makes me giggle), just kidding although that’s what it felt like. It was Saturday 21st January 2012, I was overdue by 8 days, I woke up around 7.30am with back ache and tummy cramps. Being pregnant for the first time I had read all the books out there, attended antenatal classes and spoken to friends with children but still didn’t have a clue if I was in labour or not.

So I got up as usual, the aches didn’t subside so we headed out for a McDonald’s breakfast (classy), by the time we got home the pain was getting worse and I was having to sway side to ease the cramps. The worst part of it was the horrendous backache, I couldn’t sit down for too long. By around 1.30pm I rang labour ward to seek some advice, they told me to keep them updated and to see if paracetamol would help. I did that and guess what, it didn’t. I went to the loo and noticed a really disgusting (sorry TMI) clot in my knick nacks, it was pink in colour and very jelly like. I guessed this was my “show”, it sounds gross but I kept it on the top of the toilet to show Mr K and I took a pic of it. I’m not sharing that one though – yuk!

As evening approached the pain was getting worse, every time Mr K came near me I told him not to touch me, no idea why as he was trying to comfort me but I didn’t want to be cuddled or my back stroked. I noticed a tiny bit of blood when I went to the loo so rang labour ward again and they said to go in – it was time!

When we arrived at the hospital I was given Diamorphine to help with the pain, I remember feeling really light headed and dizzy but in a good way. I stayed in a ward that night, I had to send Mr K home though as he was so uncomfortable trying to sleep in those wooden upright chairs, plus there wasn’t anything really happening as the Diamorphine had slowed everything down. I got no sleep that night I was up and down rocking back and forth trying to get rid of the pain but nothing worked.

The next day I was exhausted and still in a room with another lady, shame that the curtains were closed as it would have been nice to speak to someone. Mr K returned to the hospital, I was still having contractions I remember having to lie on my side as lying on my back was impossible due to the pain, at this point I had no idea Amelie was back-to-back. I had a little snooze whilst Mr K was there, he was watching the TV and I remember waking myself up with a loud snore. That afternoon was horrible, after every contraction I threw up not even water stayed down, I hadn’t eaten since my breakfast the day before but I wasn’t hungry. I remember my little Nan coming to see how I was and rubbing my back for me, she bought me a diet coke. I drank it so fast it was so refreshing but then it all came back up. I was now dehydrated, my lips were cracked and my mouth was so dry the midwife put me on a drip to get some fluid into me.

I remember being walked down to labour ward that evening (Sunday 22nd), I had been to this ward and the exact room many a time during my pregnancy. The midwife was going to break my waters, I had other ideas though and as I was about to climb up onto the bed I had the worst contraction ever, heard a massive pop and my waters gushed out just like in the movies. The relief after they broke (for a short time) was immense. But I was in for a long old night, I wasn’t progressing, Amelie was just bobbing up and down and I was a crabby snappy cow. The midwife examined me and told me I was 9cm dilated, then checked a short while after and unfortunately she got it wrong I was 7cm – how annoying! By this point I was beyond exhausted and in terrible pain, gas and air just made me feel sick even though the team were trying to force it on me. It was decided I was to have an epidural, thank the lord I thought.

It didn’t go well and I got really arsey with the person putting it in, if you’ve had an epidural you’ll know you have to lean forward and keep statue still (as Flop would say), this was impossible, how was I supposed to bend right over with a huge bump in the way in horrendous pain with my back, I just wanted to tell them to F-off. Anyway, it was in and I got mild relief for around an hour, Mr K was brought tea and toast then had a mooch outside as he had been sat in the corner away from crazy preggo witch. I have to say I felt much calmer and nicer after the drugs kicked in much to everyone’s relief.

The hours ticked by and nothing was happening, Amelie was not coming out naturally she was bobbing up and down, I later found out that my hips/pelvis are too small to give birth naturally and this is why I had to have an elective C-section with Charlie.

Morning came round and it was all systems go, obviously the hospital were fully staffed now so something could be done. I signed the forms, a horrible nurse had great pleasure in removing my nail varnish, she didn’t even take it off properly she left stripes at the sides of my nails and then laughed saying “I bet you had those done professionally” – ha, no greebo I didn’t, I did them myself!

The next step was theatre, I was scared at this point but couldn’t wait to be out of pain. I had the drugs and went numb, I felt tugging and pulling but didn’t feel pain. It was amazing how quickly they cut me open and Amelie was out, I remember shaking due to the adrenaline and talking to the doctors/nurses who were so lovely.

This is what a real C-section looks like. Look away now if you are squeamish…

My baby girl was born, just look at Amelie’s little cone head from where she was getting stuck. We had no idea we were having a girl and were so happy, I still feel super blessed.

After I was stitched back together we were sent to the recovery ward, I was finally hungry and wolfed down toast with a yummy cuppa tea, we were a family of 3 at last – Monday 23rd January 2012.



  • Nicola

    I love birth stories!! This was a great one! I had to laugh about snoring yourself awake. Did that so many times when I was pregnant!!! There can be some vile people working in hospitals can’t there. Laughing at your nails, what a witch!

  • Zoe

    I love how honest you are about being grumpy. It’s hard to be nice when you’re in pain. I had 2 elective sections so I’ve never had more than the odd braxton to deal with. Morphine makes you horribly ill doesn’t it. What wonderful pictures too xx

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