Back To School Essentials

After flapping like a mad woman last September wondering whether I had the correct uniform for Amelie starting Reception, this year I’ve left everything until the last minute (Sunday 3rd Sept to be exact) and managed to pick up the essentials we needed. Here is a list of everything I’ve bought for year 1.

Name Labels – If I can suggest one essential to buy before starting school it is name labels. I have labelled everything including both of Amelie’s school shoes and sandwich box. I used these labels last year and re-purchased them again this year as they are so durable, they have been through the wash, tumble dryer and have been washed in the sink a million times. The brand I used are called Woven Labels UK, they have an extensive range of labels to choose from and are excellent value.

Pinafore Dress – I have to admit I was a complete supermarket snob last year when it came to buying uniform. I went to Next to purchase Amelie’s uniform and will not make that mistake again. This year I went to Tesco, they have an excellent range of uniform and it all washes and wears really well, it is fantastic value as well. The pinafore dresses from Next looked lovely but unfortunately Amelie got glue on it the second day of school and I tried everything to get the stain out, it didn’t come out and the dress was ruined, so I had to go out and buy another one from Sainsbury’s which are very good as well. I also picked up a couple of skirts as an extra, Amelie has never worn a skirt to school as I think the pinafore is easier to keep everything tidy so we will see how we get on.

Polo Shirts – You can never have too many polo shirts, they stand the test of time but do discolour quickly. I picked up two packs from Tesco in a bigger size as Amelie has had a growth spurt.

Tights & Socks – I like to get all new tights and socks for the start of the school year. I’ll be sending Amelie back to school in socks and her summer uniform but I know it will not be long before the cooler weather hits and tights will be required. You can guarantee that when I need tights Amelie’s size will be out of stock so I snagged these whilst I was in Tesco.

School Shoes – I got both Amelie and Charlie’s feet measured last week and what do you know, they both went up in size so new school shoes were needed. I prefer patent shoes as I think they wear well and don’t look too scruffy if they suffer a scrape. Last year I bought Lelli Kelly shoes and they lasted until the Easter term which was amazing. This year we have gone with Clarks Gloforms, they were £40 but I like the service in Clarks and I know the shoes will last.

Other essentials I’ve bought are:-

  • New water bottle, which will be replaced about a zillion times during September as they always leak
  • Hair clips/bobbles, these hardly ever come home at the end of the day
  • Money envelopes for snack money etc
  • Trainers for P.E
  • Waterproof coat
  • Vitamins
  • Lunch box
  • Tissues to keep in a book bag
  • Calpol and Tyrozets Throat Lozenges – I guarantee Amelie will come home with every illness going during the first term
  • Vanish Gold – I’ve stocked up on this amazing stuff as I know I will be using it regularly throughout the school term

As well as the above I have bought cardigans with the school badge on, I could do with buying a couple more but the shop is out of stock until October.

I think we are all set for school on Tuesday, next year will see me panicking like a loon as Charlie starts big school – eeek!!


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