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Bah-Humbug to Elf On The Shelf Gifts & Christmas Eve Box

Elf On The Shelf – I am no Scrooge, I absolutely LOVE Christmas anyone who knows me knows I am Mrs Christmas. However, this Christmas is going to be a little different to Christmases past.

We only started the Elf on The Shelf tradition a few years ago, up until then the children hadn’t even heard of the said imp. But, as with all these trends we got sucked in by peer pressure – mainly social media and the kiddies at school. It’s fine though I actually really love the idea of the cheeky elf hiding and playing tricks on the children and of course they are obsessed.

For the last few years though these elves have arrived with an array of treats and gifts which kind of steals the magic away from the whole concept of Elf on The Shelf. My children aren’t ungrateful little scamps but they were getting accustomed to extra lovely presents before Christmas and I’m stopping it this year. When they arrive on 1st December they will bring Amelie and Charlie an advent calendar and that’s it. Call me mean but I don’t know why I would even think to buy them lovely treats before Christmas when they get so much on the actual day.

That brings me on to my next banning – The Christmas Eve Box. Very controversial I know and some do not entertain this tradition but each to their own and if you do this tradition with your littles that is absolutely fine. I had started this tradition and at first they received a huge hamper of chocolates, books, toys, hot chocolates – you name it they had it. Then slowly over the years the box has dwindled slightly with less and less going into it.

This year I’m stripping it right back to a Christmas book and hot chocolate stick for them to enjoy before bed on Christmas Eve. I realise this may all sound very unimportant but I just feel my children get far too much even before Christmas day, I want them to appreciate the magic of Christmas and not be expecting treats left right and centre. This is not their fault, I am 150% guilty of lavishing them with festive goods but I want to reign it in slightly.

So this year will be a minimalist approach and this also applies to Christmas presents – don’t get me started!

Do you have any Christmas traditions that don’t involve Elf on The Shelf or Advent?


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