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We have just returned from our second parents evening at Amelie’s school. The first one we had was literally a few weeks into her first year in Reception and wasn’t really that useful. This one however was totally amazing, I can’t quite wrap my head around the fact that I have a 5 year old child who can read, write in sentences, add up, subtract, count in 2s and knows all of the 3D shapes. How on earth did that happen in the space of 6 months? I really do not give Amelie enough credit for the amazing work she has achieved during her school year, just looking through her work books at pictures of her drawings and photos of her doing P.E makes me realise I know nothing about this part of her life. I don’t have that insight into what she gets up to during the day, I will ask her after school what she’s done that day and I get the same response each time “nothing, I can’t remember”. But when we are home and I hear Amelie and Charlie playing schools I get a little idea as to what has happened that day, I can hear her taking the register and asking Charlie to line up for lunch or asking him to choose his talk partner.

I also can’t believe how quickly the last 6 months has gone. Before Amelie started school I was full of apprehension and doubts, did I buy the correct colour grey dress, where do we go when we get to the playground, will I meet new mum friends?? The list goes on, but fast forward 6 months down the line and we are pros. We know how long it takes to get to school, we see the same mums walking to school every day, we say hello to the lollipop lady, we wait for the mum’s I know (and like, oops!) to arrive to chat about our sleepless nights or how much our kids are driving us crazy. I love the group of mums I speak to, I feel comfortable chatting to them as they are super pros at this school business their children are in year 1 so are way ahead of the game. I can go to them for advice and reassurance, I never saw myself making friends with such nice people but I’m lucky enough to know these lovely ladies.

Don’t get me wrong I’ve learnt who is approachable and who will be a bit funny with you. I had always heard of the different groups of playground mums and I’m certainly seeing it for myself now. I suppose I fit into a group of my own, but it’s my group and I feel safe in it. I don’t really know what I expected of myself before Amelie started school, was I going to be the loner mum stood forever on her own and talked about or was I going to make an effort to speak to mums and make friends. I’ve said it before and I’m going to say it again, I don’t get the mums who chat away to you one day then blank you the next I find it all very confusing and I’m not really sure why this happens but it happens a lot and not to just me. I have kind of got the confidence to act a bit stand offish too and I’m not sure that’s a good thing but I just think “oh stuff you, if you can’t talk to me I’ll ignore you” it is all childish behaviour and I’m now guilty of it myself. But I have more important things to be worried about and really it is just a teeny tiny snippet of my day that I have to deal with such drama.

I have definitely adopted the mum “look” you know the one I mean, Breton top, skinny jeans, Chelsea boots, parker coat and an outgrowing roots mum bun. I would love to make more of an effort but I like comfort over style, I don’t think I’m the skankiest mum in the playground but I could certainly do with a new look. I do try and choose smarter clothes but sometimes I just feel frumpy or I try to fit in with certain attire and it doesn’t work for me. Plus if I wore all my nice clothes during the week I wouldn’t feel dressed up or smarter at the weekends, that’s one down side to being a stay-at-home mum, one day merges into the next before you know it you’ve worn the same pair of good jeans for 3 days straight and now have to wear the crappy ones at the weekend. What do you wear during the week when you are doing the school run, working out, running errands, doing housework, running around tirelessly after everyone and then it is school run time again, oh and not forgetting the downpours you encounter whilst walking to school?

I really do love our choice of school for Amelie, I knew as soon as I stepped into the preschool all those years ago when we attended the toddler group I got a lovely feeling and wanted her to go there. Reception is split into 2 classes but the nice thing is they are merged into one and can flit between both classes, they all play together and learn together at times. Her teachers are really nice and I just get the feeling when I walk into her classroom, it’s hard to explain but I know she is happy there and loves school, I hope it continues.

Next stop is the Easter holidays.


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