Birthday Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl

Amelie is turning 5 in just under 2 weeks and with her birthday being so close to Christmas I struggle with gift ideas. She received a lot of toys for Christmas and was lucky enough to get everything she asked for on her list so I wanted to steer clear of more toys – easier said than done. I have put together some ideas for gifts a 5 year old may like, I will hopefully be able to pick a few things from this list for her.

This dress is absolutely beautiful and is from Next as soon as I saw I wanted it for Amelie to wear to her birthday party. I can just imagine her dancing away with some sparkly shoes on and a cute bow in her hair. I also think this would be a lovely dress for our holiday abroad.

How adorable is this little top!? Again, this is from Next and is such a gorgeous colour and style. I love Next for kiddie’s clothes and think it is a great idea to buy clothes for a little one’s birthday.

What little girl doesn’t love a handbag? Ever since Amelie was little tottering around she would always be carrying some sort of bag on her arm. She has an array of bags to choose from at home but this is a little more grown up for her and I think she would love it, I like that you can wear it safely across the body and also on the shoulder. I would buy this bag for myself.

We have booked a holiday to Majorca this year so will be needing new swimwear as since last summer Amelie has had a huge growth spurt. I thought this cute tankini was perfect for her, it’s not too grown up and still covers her tummy but at the same time she will think she’s being like mummy by wearing a two piece.

My children are obsessed with books and especially love anything by Julia Donaldson. We have most of her books but need these three. I also love reading these types of stories to the kiddies and I’m very intrigued to find out What the Ladybird Heard Next. They are such a good read and I nearly always choose a book for a present for a child if Amelie has a birthday party to attend.

I couldn’t write a gift ideas post and not include a couple of toys. So here we have the Disney Princess Colours of the Sea Ariel Playset. This is such a cool toy for any Disney Princess fan girl or boy, I know my little Charlie would love to play with this. There would be fights in the bath if Amelie received this for her birthday, ha ha!

Baby Alive, now where do I start!? This doll has been a pain in my rear for the last 2 years, Amelie is crazy obsessed with this brand of doll and watches Tiffany Bliss videos on Youtube all the time. I’m so sad that they do not sell her in the UK, I’ve had to search Ebay for a decent Baby Alive doll from a UK seller. Amelie would hyperventilate if she received this on her birthday, she would be so happy.

These gifts may not be to everyone’s tastes but hopefully I have given you a few helpful ideas of what a 5 year old girl may like for her birthday.



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