Birthday Week!

What an eventful week we had last week – birthday week! Our Sunday kicked off with a huge birthday party for Amelie, she’s never had a proper party before so we did it in style. We hired a hall, booked a disco, booked our local fish & chip shop to cater for us and I went to town on glo sticks, balloons, cakes and party cones.

Amelie had a fantastic time with all her friends, I think we had around 26 children in total. It was so much fun but I think next year we will spend the money on a weekend away maybe, something more low key and less hectic! Amelie received some lovely presents from her guests, she was so eager to get home and open them all before bed. The front room looked like a bomb had hit it, it reminded me of Christmas all over again. Everyone was in good spirits, probably still on a sugar rush, Charlie however was not loving life. He was fine until the disco started then proceeded to cry and cling to me throughout the entire party making it difficult for me to put him down or even give him to daddy. Later that evening though he woke up with horrendous croup, so at least I knew there was a reason for his tears.

I was going to arrange for someone to make Amelie a birthday cake but the prices I was quoted were ridiculous so I opted for a huge chocolate tray bake from Sainsbury’s which served 40, it was so big but so tasty.

I’m quite proud to say I made all of the party sweet cones myself, it took hours the previous evening but it was so worth it. I have a how-to coming up this week on the blog so stay tuned for that one. It was really easy and inexpensive. A few children weren’t able to make it due to illness so I took their party cones into school the next day.

Amelie’s birthday was on Monday 23rd, she woke up super excited, Charlie was eager to assist with the unwrapping of presents. We bought Amelie Baby Alive and Charlie bought her some Disney princess makeup and a Barbie. I sent Amelie off to school with her birthday badge and 46 bags of Haribo to hand out. Later that day we went to the local pub for dinner, we took Mr K’s mum with us which was lovely, the children were very well behaved and enjoyed their food. I still can’t believe I have a 5 year old.

Mr K was away with work for a couple of days so it was just mummy and the kiddies. I was quite excited as Thursday was my birthday. I wasn’t excited about turning 35 but I spent the morning at soft play with Charlie and my friend, we then had a hot chocolate and headed home. I received some lovely presents, I felt very spoilt.

These truffles were so good, I ate far too much during last week and had 3 hangovers – shock horror! However, I have now binned all the biscuits, left over Christmas chocolates, sweets and cake. I’m wiping the slate clean as I feel so unhealthy.

On Saturday Amelie had a party to attend so we dropped her off and headed into Exmouth town for a coffee with our little chappy, he loves a babychino.

Mr K took me out on Saturday night for a bit of a date night, we went for a drink in Exeter – Gandy Street and then onto Turtle Bay for some yummy dinner. I love that restaurant the food is amazing. As we don’t get to go out very often without our little people I thought I would make a bit of an effort, my outfit was all black but I felt nice.

Top// Dorothy Perkins   Jacket// Dorothy Perkins   Jeans// River Island   Perfume// Angel by Mugler

Amelie received a Build-A-Bear voucher for her birthday so we made another trip into Exeter to pick out a Princess Poppy Troll. The whole experience of BAB is amazing for little children, they think of everything.

After the excitement and build up to birthday week, we are all ill and exhausted, it is always the way isn’t it. Never mind though, both Amelie and myself had a fab birthday, I do wish time would slow down.

I hope you are all well and have a great week.


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