Bored Now!!

I fear this post is just going to be one long moan and I’m really sorry for that but sometimes you have to strip blog posts back to being about real life not reviews, days out, meal plans and jolly photos.

For about 6 months I’ve had a headache every single day these sometimes turn into horrendous migraines where I feel sick to the stomach, feel dizzy and generally unwell. I have always suffered with headaches and migraines but have never found out why I’m getting them. Are they hormonal, is it stress/life or is there something more sinister going on – who knows? I have been to the doctors many times and have recently come away with two different sets of beta blockers, the first pack I got last year. I really didn’t get on with them they made me drowsy, sent my anxiety levels through the roof and didn’t stop the headaches.

The second pack I received last week the doctor said the same as before regarding side effects, again I’m not getting on with them. He also gave me some codeine and another tablet, I’ve taken the codeine but have come out in blisters all over my legs and arm. But where do I go from here? I’m at a point where I’m taking about 6 paracetamol a day which is just unhealthy.

It doesn’t help that I have been ill for the longest time ever, seriously I seem to have contracted every dirty virus going and I’m sick to death of it. I was worried as I had been feeling utterly shattered for around 3 weeks, unusually tired not just being run ragged by my children tired. I was falling asleep on the sofa at 8pm and unable to keep my eyes open, I was lethargic, drained and kept going dizzy. I booked an appointment with the doctor and told him my symptoms thinking he would say I was anaemic or my thyroid was playing up. But after taking my temperature and blood pressure he said I had a virus, I thought he was crackers as doctors always say that. However, things took a turn for the worst a day after.

I had extreme stomach cramps during the day they kind of felt like labour pains which made me feel sick and dizzy. I was cooking dinner for the children they were playing in their bedroom calling me every 5 minutes for one thing or another but I couldn’t concentrate. I went into the bathroom as I felt like I was going to be sick, everything was going black around me and I was heavy breathing. My whole body felt heavy and I laid on the bathroom floor and closed my eyes. I must have passed out for a minute, I stumbled out of the bathroom feeling the same and asked Amelie to fetch Mr K out of the office as I was scared.

Bless the children they were amazing, when Mr K came in I couldn’t walk so laid on the floor outside the bathroom. Amelie brought me a pillow and Charlie was bringing me toys. Amelie was so grown up and sensible fetching Mr K and relaying the message that I was going to faint. The children didn’t leave me alone after that they were snuggling with me and wrapping me up in a blanket.

Since then I developed a cold along with sinusitis, the feeling of just being unwell has not left me I am still ill. I wake up every day feeling worse than the day before, it doesn’t help that Charlie has been getting up before 6am every day this week, today’s time was 5am. I have no idea what virus I have now I just know that I’m fed up of being ill.

Being ill pre kids I would think nothing of hopping into bed and wallowing in self pity until I was better. To be honest I’m much tougher now I’m a mum at fighting illness, I wouldn’t dream of getting into bed to sleep it off now even if Mr K was here to watch the children. I just soldier on and take care of everyone and everything else, is that built into mums? Where does that fight come from?

I think our family has had more bugs this winter than ever before. Charlie has croup along with a cold, Amelie is exhausted from school and also has a cold, she’s been telling me for ages she has a stomach ache and feels sick but is fine the next day. I’m going to book an appointment for her tomorrow to get her checked out as it doesn’t sit right with me. I know in Reception there’s allsorts of  horrible germs floating around so it is to be expected. Maybe we just all need a rest over the Easter holidays?

If anyone has any suggestions as to what vitamins or tonics I can take to rebuild my immune system please let me know.

I was joking to a friend that if I won the lottery I would open a retreat for mums only (sorry dads) to go and rest and recuperate. We would lounge around in pyjamas drinking tea, eating biscuits and getting pampered. Ahhhh what a dream that would be…



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