Boy Holiday Clothing Haul – Next, H&M, Primark

My most favourite thing about booking a holiday apart from the excitement of having all the family together relaxing (or not, if you have energetic children), is buying holiday clothes! Any excuse to shop and I’m there, so here are a few items I bought for Charlie for our holiday abroad. This little lot is just to top up his summer wardrobe, I always go to Next as their clothes are great value and really wash well.


How cute are these t-shirts, they are a 3 pack and I’m so pleased that each one is different as you usually get one that is really nice with a design on and then the other two are plain or a bit naff.

The shorts above are a jersey material and perfect for the daytime on holiday. I love the neon shorts and have bought Amelie a matching pair from Primark with little heart gems on. I’m going to be that mother who co-ordinates her children’s outfits – after all twinning is winning (criiiiinge!).

I love the t-shirt and it was a bargain at £5.


Mr K chose the all of the clothes from H&M for Charlie which I thought was super sweet, I like it when he takes an interest in shopping. He thought these tailored shorts would be perfect for the evening to pair with either this shirt or a casual t-shirt.

The first two pics are from H&M and the swim shorts are from Primark. I love this dinosaur top as it isn’t too babyish, I’m sure Charlie will love wearing it too. I wasn’t sure whether the vests would look okay but we are on holiday and anything goes when you are abroad. I tend to buy supermarket or cheapy swimwear for the children as it always gets ruined either by suncream, ice-creams or bumbling around by the pool. Lets be honest they only wear it for one summer anyway and I would rather splash out on other items of clothing.

I cannot wait to dress Charlie in his new togs.


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