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Chickenpox – Remedies That Worked For Us

Chickenpox hit our household just before Christmas. I have to say, trying to diagnose the pox was the second most trickiest thing, the first was wondering whether I was actually in labour, contractions were hard to figure out.

So what were the first signs of the pox?


The first I would say was the children feeling extremely tired, not just a bit grumpy but pure exhaustion a week before the pox appeared.

Secondly, them feeling poorly – headache, cold/flu like symptoms, a temperature and just generally feeling under the weather. Both of my children repeatedly said they felt poorly, tired and were very out of sorts.

The third symptom came a week after them feeling poorly – the spots!! Both kiddies had a “MOTHER” spot, this was a huge red spot which turned very quickly into a massive sore blister. After the first spot appeared within a few hours they were pickled. I will say, I wasn’t 100% sure the spots were chickenpox but my trusty mum friends on social media quickly came to my rescue and made the diagnosis for me – of course they were right.



I heard about ViraSoothe from various online mums so quickly sent Mr K out to source this. Apparently there was a chickenpox outbreak in our town it was sold out in nearly all, but one shop. It is a clear gel that you rub over the spots to aid with the healing, stop itching and reduce scarring. I have to say, I wasn’t that impressed with ViraSoothe. It didn’t stop any itching and didn’t dry very well, it was a bit sticky. I do think it helped with scarring though.


One of the lovely mums at school gave me a bottle of this magic. What can I say, this stuff is the nuts and at just a fraction of the price of the ViraSoothe it was the only solution to stop the constant scratching. Yes it dries white but I think that is a good thing as you can see where you’ve put it. It kind of protects the spots and certainly quickened up the blistering process. Amelie was scabbed over fully within 3 days, Charlie had the pox far worse than his sister and didn’t blister fully until 8 days later.


This is the second part of the winning combination for us. An oat bath, basically is just porridge oats popped into a sock and run under the tap. It worked a treat and really stopped itching, helped the spots/scabs dry out very quickly and reduced the size of the scabs, it was brilliant.


Pretty standard staple for the medicine cupboard. This helped with the fever that can accompany the chickenpox but DO NOT give children IBUPROFEN when they have chickenpox it can make children seriously ill. I even hid the bottle as I was so scared we would mistakenly pick it up and use it.

I always keep a bottle of this in the cupboard as my children are extremely sensitive to what seems like everything they come into contact with. Piriton for kids is amazing and certainly assisted with the itching.


Unfortunately even if you use all of the above, children are going to have their rough moments where nothing will touch the uncomfortable itching, sore spots and feeling rubbish. You just have to ride it out and try to make them as comfortable as possible.

To be honest the only remedies that actually worked for us on both occasions were the oat bath and the Calamine lotion. Amelie and Charlie have healed very well with minimal scarring, one thing that has surprised me though is how long it takes for the scabs to completely go. Both kiddies still have scabs nearly a month on, they can get quite sore and hitch on their clothing. I put soft cosy socks on Amelie’s hands if she was itching, instead of scratching I told her to rub gently over the spots, this seemed to help.

I’m thankful we have overcome the chickenpox, Charlie was very poorly with his bout but overall I think they got off lightly.


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