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Children’s Current Favourite Toys

Sharing a few of the children’s current favourite toys, these toys have been played with constantly during the past couple of months.

Descendants DVD

I’m not sure where Amelie’s obsession with these films began but we have had to endure hours of watching these two dvds. She is utterly crazy for them, her favourite characters are Mal, Ben, Evvie and Carlos. The songs are really catchy and I quite like the movies myself.

Descendants Dolls

I bought Amelie the Evvie doll for Christmas not really knowing much about her. Amelie obviously adore her and I was so excited to find the Mal doll in Home Bargains I couldn’t resist picking her up as I knew how happy Amelie would be as Mal is her absolute favourite descendant. She’s been playing non stop with her.

ELC Dolls House

This was Amelie’s main present for her birthday in January and I mentioned it in my gift guide. This dolls house has been such a great investment, not only does it provide hours of entertainment for Amelie to play with Barbies, Disney Princesses and LOL Surprise dolls but Charlie also likes to play. He keeps asking for a dolls house especially for boys as he wants Hulk, Iron Man and Spiderman to have a house – I’m yet to find one.

Hulk Figure

This was a gift for Christmas, Charlie is mad for Hulk. He takes him everywhere and likes to Hulk smash things quite a lot.

Little Tikes Pirate Ship

Charlie received this for his 2nd birthday and it is still going strong. Both children love to play with it, they even had it out in the snow. I’m one of those mums that shoves their children outside in all seasons, not if it is bitterly cold but I think it is important for them to have fresh air and they love being outside exploring and playing with the water table. This was a brilliant buy, I usually fill it up with warm water, bubbles or bath foam.

Hama Beads

I’ve mentioned Hama Beads lots of times as being a favourite in our house. We received a lovely pack for Mother’s Day and have once again really enjoyed creating designs. Charlie is fantastic at sitting down with me getting creative, our love for Hama Beads continues as they are such a great activity not just for rainy days but you can take them on holidays, journeys in the car or when you go out to eat.

LOL Surprise! Confetti Pop

A favourites post wouldn’t be complete without mentioning LOL dolls. This time it is the Confetti Pop dolls we have discovered, and I have to say I’m pretty impressed with them. They still have the accessories but they are so much better and there is also the surprise of colour change in either hot or cold water. Amelie’s collection is growing, I think these are such a great gift idea too. No doubt she will receive a few for Easter, is it wrong that I’m strangley excited by them too? I love finding out which one Amelie has, ha ha!


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