Children’s Medical Essentials I Cannot Live Without

Pre children I would have a medical cupboard where I would store the usual paracetamol, vitamins and every diet pill going. Fast forward 6 years and I could give Boots a run for their money with the amount of lotions and potions I have in my now extended medical cupboard.

Being the person I am, I like to be prepared for every drama that is thrown at me morning, noon and the middle of the night. My children fall ill during the night quite a lot, usually with a high temperature which terrifies me and possibly a rash to go with it. Over the years I’ve learnt not to panic too much and deal with these situations rationally as I’m a worrier.

I have aquired a few medical essentials that I wouldn’t be without now and thought I would share them with you.

Calpol – Every parent in the land has a sticky bottle of Calpol stashed away somewhere don’t they? This is the first thing I turn to if the kiddies have a fever or a cough/cold.

Ibrupofen – I’m not too keen on giving the children this unless they have a super high temperature that will not go down. But, it is something that I wouldn’t not have in just in case, although remember never give it to children if they have chicken pox.

Piriton Syrup¬†– We only discovered the children’s version of this stuff a year or so ago and it has been an absolute staple in the cupboard, it’s brilliant. Amelie suffers with hay fever quite badly so I’ve been giving her some before school and before bed. It is so handy for lumps and bumps too, my kiddies love being outdoors but often come up in hives. I’ve used this for ages now and love it, I’m just waiting for my two to contract chicken pox so have stocked up on a couple of bottles.

Steri Strips – Charlie is a boys boy and is fearless, we have been to A&E a few times with him as he’s head-butted the TV cabinet twice gashing open his head. So I’ve kept a packet of steri strips to hand just in case I need to quickly patch him back up before heading to hospital. They came in handy yesterday as he got hold of the scissors and snipped his hand – oh the joys!

Digital Thermometer – Do you remember the days of the strip thermometers where you put it on your forehead and it would glow up bright yellow if you had a high temperature? Gone are those days, they have been replaced by fancy infra red thermometers now (I don’t have one of those). I have a digital thermometer which goes in the child’s ear and makes a horrible beeping noise then tells me what their temperature is.

Olbas Oil – I’ve used this since day one with both children and would not be without it, you never know when a cold is going to strike and there is nothing worse than moany kids saying they can’t breathe. I put some Olbas Oil on a hanky for them to sniff during the day and at night I put lots on their pillow (right at the top, not near their eyes) and on their pyjamas.

Metanium – This is brilliant bum cream that I used when the children were babies. It was the only ointment that cleared up a bad nappy rash and I still keep a tube of it in.

Medicine Cups – I used to love these small plastic cups to take my Calpol in when I was little and I find my children love them just as much. I am quite lucky as both Amelie and Charlie have never refused to take medicine, they are brilliant. I keep these cups stocked as I find them useful during the night to give the children their medicine as I quite often do it with only a little light on or using my phone for a light. So many times I’ve used the spoons and got the medicine everywhere, by using the cups there’s no spillage.

Eurax Cream – This has been one of the most used items in the medicine cupboard. My children have very sensitive skin and are always coming home from playing outside with bites, lumps, bumps or just itchy skin. This cream really does work to take the initial itching away and reduce redness, whenever my kiddies have a red bump that is sore they always ask for the “itchy cream“.

Plasters – No explanation is needed here, I’m sure every parent has every type of character plaster going.

Mini Marshmallows & Kisses – I keep a big bag of pink & white mini marshmallows in as they, along with mummy’s kisses are the only medicine that make scrapes and falls better.

I would love to know what goodies you stock in your medical cupboard?


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