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Children’s Stocking Filler Ideas 2020

The second Christmassy gift ideas post for you. This time is stocking fillers, possibly my favourite bunch of gifts to put together as receiving a stocking is so special when you are little. As things are a little restricted still, I have just been picking most of these bits and bobs up during my trips to the supermarket. The thought of going round all the shops even when everything was “normal” always fills me with dread, so I mainly shop online for Christmas presents.

Here are some of the gifts I have bought my children this year.


I couldn’t put together a gift guide without mentioning Hot Wheels cars. These are Charlie’s favourite toy to collect and he really does play with them all the time. They are such a fab little stocking stuffer, excellent value and perfect for little hands.


I get my kids a couple of pairs of Christmas socks every year, they love them. Asda sell some great ones that are only a pound. You could pop these in a Christmas Eve box or add to a collection of other little gifts. Great for all the family, and if your kiddies are like mine, they will wear them all year round not just for the festive season.


This gift went down so well last year that I have picked up a few more to give to my children but also others in our family. This make your own snow is only £1 from Asda and provides hours of fun. You simply pour the snow dust into a big bowl and add water, it is the strangest consistency and really does feel like snow. Amelie and Charlie love things like this as well as slime, but I’ve banned the slime this year as last month we had some but it stained our hands and went everywhere!


Now, I am saving these for Christmas Eve instead of adding to the kid’s stockings. There is just something about sipping a hot chocolate topped with a mound of squirty cream and marshmallows. We love a good hot choccy in our house and I wanted to get the kiddies their very own personalised spoon to use and bring out each Christmas. I think this is such a lovely gift idea not just for your children but if you have other little people you need to buy for. These spoons were so inexpensive from Etsy, I just know Amelie and Charlie will love them.


Sticking with the chocolate theme, the next gift for the stocking is this absolutely amazing Mummy Meagz Hot Chocolate Bursting Bauble. This brilliant gift idea is like two pressies in one. You can hang it on the Christmas tree and also add it to a big mug of warm milk where it will melt to reveal hidden marshmallows – yummy! The thing I love most about this gift is that it is gluten free and vegan.


This is going to sound like a random one but hear me out. Sudocrem have launched personalised Christmas themed little pots this year. I think this is such a cute gift idea especially for newborns and also kids who love anything with their name on! I was lucky enough to receive one of these pots for Mother’s Day and I can say honestly it has come in so handy. Charlie has a habit of pinching it though as he often grazes his knees/arms and has rough skin. A little dab of Sudocrem makes it all better. Plus I use it all the time if I have a breakout, it works wonders overnight. I just know Amelie and Charlie will love their very own little pot with their names on, another great idea as they bicker and fight over absolutely everything, so now they will have a pot each.


Amelie is so girly and into everything, makeup, hair products, lipgloss, perfume – you name it, she has it. For the past 6 ish months or so she has been obsessed with scrunchies, you know like the good scrunchies that we had growing up. I’ve been adding to her collection and found the best ones come from Primark, they are super affordable and really well made. I will be buying a few more packs for the other little girls in our family this year.


Up until recently I had never stepped foot in a Hobby Craft. It was only because our local business park opened a store that I ventured in, oh my days I came out with more than an armful of goodies. Any way, as lockdown has ended I can revisit to stock up on crafts for the kiddies. Amelie is getting a sewing machine for Christmas as she is so into designing clothes and making things. I’m going to pick up fabric, buttons, ribbons, keyrings, little craft painting packs and also some decorations that the children can customise themselves. You could get really carried away in Hobby Craft so I might have to go in with a plan, but I think the crafts are amazing and a great little gift idea.


The Blind Bag. Not a specific bag in mind but you know how much children love a Blind Bag. I have bought two themed ones this year, a Barbie Accessories one and a Lego Harry Potter one – both for Amelie. If Blind Bags were around when I was little I would have begged my Mum for one (or ten). If you have children to buy for but aren’t sure what to get, you can never go wrong with a little surprise bag. All the supermarkets sell them and they are so cheap, it is a win win.


I’m not sure these particular books will fit in a traditional stocking but my children always get a stocking and a small gift from Father Christmas left on the end of their beds. So this year it is going to be a book each, they both love reading and Amelie is now a free reader at school meaning she can take books in from home to read.

We were lucky enough to be sent a couple of really great reads that I think would make wonderful Christmas presents as they are specifically aimed at young readers.


This magical mystical story is about identical twins Jenna and Jessica. The twins have no idea that their family’s secret gift is actually magic. The twins embark on a spooky adventure when they enrol at a new school, unfortunately the Headmistress is not a fan of Jenna and Jessica but is very very keen on all things witchcraft. The school is putting on a performance of The Salem Witch Trials which is a true story, things start to become a whole lot spookier for the girls.

This book is the first in a series which follows the lives of the twins, they have a strong sisterly bond but equally know their own person.  Amelie is such a fan of magic/mystical and all things witchy or wizard related and I just know she is going to love getting lost in this book. It is aimed at young readers from 8 – 12 years to enjoy and was written by the lovely author Michelle Cordara who is an identical twin herself.


I really love this book and the message it sends to children. The book is set in a fantastic under sea world and follows the story of Lantern Fish. He strives to be like everyone else but is fed up as he thinks he is no good at anything, he wants to shine just like his sea creature friends. The story really dives deep (excuse the pun) into discovering that everyone has unique talents and are good at different things. But equally, everyone is special in their own way and you must truly believe in what a wonderful person you are.

The illustrations are beautiful, the colours are inviting and I think this book, which is aimed at the younger ones (age 2-6) will make a lovely Christmas gift. It sends out such a positive message which is just what we all need at this time.

That concludes my stocking filler ideas. I have picked up the usual tube of Smarties, candy canes and new bath stuff but I’ve not gone overboard with anything this year. I think the most important thing to remember is everyone does Christmas differently there is no right or wrong way to celebrate it, it is whatever works for your family. Plus, I would much rather see family/friends than all the presents in the world, this year has been so hard for all of us, we are all dealing with our own worries but I do think these kiddies of ours deserve a big pat on the back for adapting so well to life this year. They have all been so amazing!



Disclaimer: This is a collaboration post with gifted items. All words/opinions are my own and I would never recommend anything I didn’t truly love.

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