Christmas Crafts – Blogmas Day 4


I was only saying earlier to another fellow blogger that it feels like for the past couple of weeks we have done nothing but crafting. For some reason Amelie and Charlie want to write, draw and do making stuff (as we call it). It’s lovely that they are able to have the freedom of pulling all the crafts out whenever they want and make a mess. That is what childhood is about nowadays. We never did anything like that when we were little so I really don’t mind clearing up a bit of glue and sequins if they have fun.

Amelie had some homework this week, she had to make a Christmas decoration. So I took to Pintrest searching for the perfect easy craft to do. She chose a lolly stick reindeer, it turned out really good but she wasn’t finished there. We spent a good hour maybe more crafting snowflakes, puppets, Christmas trees and other creations that only the children knew what they were.

I always go to the same shops for our crafting materials – you know what’s coming – yes, Home Bargains and The Range. Both shops have such an excellent selection of bits and bobs at such a good price. I stocked up on Christmas themed foam stickers, sequins, lolly sticks and glitter.

Here are the children’s creations…


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