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Christmas Gifts – Children’s Favourites

I cannot remember the last time I posted a monthly favourites post. I was looking back through archived blog posts recently and forgot how much I loved writing about what the children were loving. So I thought I’d bring back the monthly faves, starting with Amelie and Charlie’s list. I also thought as we are on the Christmas countdown, some of these items may give inspiration for presents.


We had the most amazing Spring/Summer weather here in the UK this year. Yes, everything else was (and still is) up in arms but Mother Nature truly spoilt us. My children lived outside for the majority of the time, playing with water, making potions, gardening, skipping, riding bikes & scooters etc. But the thing they loved the most was playing with their Mud Kitchens. Originally we only had one, a lovely friend of ours gave it to us as she heard I had been on the lookout for one for a while. I found the other kitchen on a Facebook page which turned out to be another friend selling it.

So with two Mud Kitchens Amelie and Charlie have been playing non stop, pretending they are vlogging for their Youtube channel. It has been so funny and also really cute to watch. They love nothing more than mixing up flour, vegetable oil, mud, chalk, glitter – anything they can find! We will be putting the kitchens in the garage for Winter though to keep them in good condition ready for next Spring and a repaint.


I’m not sure when children grow out of Play-Doh. From the moment they were mobile we introduced Play-Doh and have quite the collection of tools, sets and pots. I find this kind of activity useful for when I need to cook dinner or have some chores to be getting on with as I can set up a station and let them get creative. We also really love making our own Play-Doh, it lasts a lot longer than the named brand and has a better smell. I bet I am the only person who cannot stand the smell of proper shop bought Play-Doh, bleurgh!


Whilst we are on the subject of creativity, I thought I would mention Kinetic Sand. My two have been playing with this weird stuff for such a long time. Although it says on the box/advert that it is not messy I tend to disagree. I find it everywhere after it has been played with, but the good thing with Kinetic Sand is it doesn’t stick to carpet or clothes unlike Play-Doh. A little hoover or sweep up is all you need.

I find this stuff really therapeutic some days, it is certainly calming for the children and they enjoy building sand castles, creating shapes and just generally letting it slip through their fingers. I will be adding this to the Christmas list as we are running low on sand – a great stocking filler.


Playmobil is still one of our most played with toys of all time. It was a great distraction during home learning but also fantastic for role play, imaginative play and also one-to-one play. I’ve said it before many times but Playmobil really is such  a timeless toy to have, the sets never get old, there’s always a new scenario to create. I think it is fantastic for development – we just love it and the hours of entertainment it provides.


Oh goodness, where do I start!? I hadn’t even heard of Roblox until this year and now it is all I hear about, every single day. If you aren’t familiar either, Roblox is a game/app that you play on the tablet. It is a virtual universe where you create characters that are a mixture of Lego & Minecraft and build anything you like, you can also join others in playing this game and go into their virtual universe. My kids are obsessed with this app and they are also obsessed with watching others play video games on Youtube.

A really fab find in Aldi the other day was a Roblox Ultimate Avatar Sticker Book for £2.99. I quickly swiped this, Amelie and Charlie love it. The good thing is the stickers are reusable meaning hours of fun!


You may remember the wooden dolls house we bought for Amelie’s 5th birthday (I think) it was from The Early Learning Centre and is massive. We wanted a Barbie house for her but they were super duper expensive and quite small compared to this one.

I am pleased to report it is still going strong and played with daily. Although now we have acquired more furniture, about 50 billion more Barbies, 20 thousand L.O.L dolls and the Sylvanian Families have also moved in.  But I have to say it was worth every penny as Amelie loves nothing more than setting everything up and role playing, Charlie loves to play also. We could do with some new Barbies though so that’s another thing to add to the ever growing Christmas list. But I just think things like this are a great gift idea as I know this will be kept and passed on to Amelie’s children one day as will the Barbies.


Who would have thought all these years later that Amelie would still be just as obsessed with L.O.L Surprise Dolls. I have just bought her 2 of the Halloween series and cannot wait to watch her open them on Christmas Day. The really cool thing about these little dolls is that they are for everyone, Charlie loves playing too and I noticed the other day that there’s an L.O.L Surprise Boys range so I am going to pick up a few for Charlie to open. There are so many variations to buy now, Amelie especially loves the O.M.G dolls, but they might be a good idea for her birthday which is a month after Christmas.


From day one with the children we’ve always read and looked at books. We have such a fantastic collection and still to this day the kiddies love all their early days books such as the ‘That’s Not My…’ books.

Amelie was given a whole stack of the David Walliams books from my mum. She is such an avid bookworm and thoroughly enjoys reading a variety of books. But in particular she is a fan of The World’s Worst Teachers, Worst Children books. I am going to get her The World’s Worst Parents book for Christmas as she’s been saving her pennies for it and I know how excited she will be.


If you have a 6 year old boy you will totally understand. Why are little boys obsessed with talking about poo, bum bums, farts and goodness knows what else – all gross things!? I saw this ‘Where’s The Poo?’ book in Asda and knew straight away Charlie would love it. We have subsequently gone on to buy a book about bums and also a fart book. The books are a take on the Where’s Wally books where you have to spot the different types of poo as well as other objects. It is a fab book for keeping the children entertained as there is always something new to find.

There are so many more toys/books etc that I could mention but we would be here all day, you know what kiddies are like!

I hope you enjoyed the read and thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?


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