Compliments From My Kids…

My children are lovely but some of the things they say to me are unintentionally horrible. Instead of getting upset I laugh hysterically as the words coming out of their tiny mouths are brilliant.  These are just a few of the lovely compliments my kiddies have said to me.

When I’m going for a wee in the pub toilet…

Amelie: “Mummy, your knickers look like old lady skin”


When I’m wearing my new Converse for the first time and looking in the mirror…

Me: “Oh I’m dressed like a teenager today, I look about 15”

Amelie: “No, you don’t look 15, you look 55”


Bikini shopping with Charlie…

Charlie: “Why do you have to get your boobies out, they look like willies”


Putting my hair up because I’m hot…

Amelie: “Have you got coconut oil in your hair?”

Me: “No”

Amelie: “It looks greasy”


Having a cuddle with Charlie…

Charlie: “Why have you got hairs on your face, it looks like a beard”


You have to agree that these “compliments” are so funny, children really do speak the truth, haaa haa!



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