Compliments From My Kids…

My children are lovely but some of the things they say to me are unintentionally horrible. Instead of getting upset I laugh hysterically as the words coming out of their tiny mouths are brilliant.  These are just a few of the lovely compliments my kiddies have said to me.

When I’m going for a wee in the pub toilet…

Amelie: “Mummy, your knickers look like old lady skin”


When I’m wearing my new Converse for the first time and looking in the mirror…

Me: “Oh I’m dressed like a teenager today, I look about 15”

Amelie: “No, you don’t look 15, you look 55”


Bikini shopping with Charlie…

Charlie: “Why do you have to get your boobies out, they look like willies”


Putting my hair up because I’m hot…

Amelie: “Have you got coconut oil in your hair?”

Me: “No”

Amelie: “It looks greasy”


Having a cuddle with Charlie…

Charlie: “Why have you got hairs on your face, it looks like a beard”


You have to agree that these “compliments” are so funny, children really do speak the truth, haaa haa!



  1. Kids! They always say things at the most inappropriate time as well. I made Isabelle stay in a toilet cubicle until the person next door had left as she’d announced that she thought the person next door was doing a poo because it was stinky!

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