Cute and Funny Ramblings of a 2 Year Old

Both of my children are complete chatterboxes they never stop. They both said their first word at 6 months old and have continued to talk ever since. Our lives are filled with crazy stories, funny (not funny) jokes, tuneful songs and lots of laughter. Charlie has been making me giggle lots just lately, here are a few cute but funny things he has been saying.

Watching football on the TV

Daddy: You can be a footballer when you grow up Charlie.

Charlie: But I won’t be able to fit in the TV, I’m too big.


After having a bath

Mummy: Oh you smell all clean and fresh.

Charlie: You smell like chicken.


Walking to school to collect Amelie

Mummy: Oh look there is the queen bumble bee over there.

Charlie: Has she got her crown on mummy?


When mummy clips her fringe back into a little quiff

Charlie laughing: You have a vampire on your head.


When the builders next door were drilling extremely loud and Charlie was drawing

Charlie: I can’t hear my writing, mummy.


In the back of the car on our way to get a coffee

Charlie: I really want to go for a babychino with my tired foot.


When coming for a snuggle on the sofa with mummy (fully clothed)

Charlie: Your boobies are too sweaty.


When cleaning his teeth

Mummy: Your teeth are all sparkly and white.

Charlie: You have black stinky teeth.


The comment about the queen bee just made me cry inside, how cute and innocent! I’ve had lots of comments from people about how well Charlie talks which is such a compliment, you can have a proper conversation with him and he understands and puts things into the right context. But really I think it is because he has to keep up with the queen of chatter – his big sister!





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