Easter Blues, Anxiety, Life Lately & The End of Blogging

Hands up who has the Easter blues? We have been treated to the BEST Easter holiday ever. We started ours flying off to Benidorm for the week, it didn’t go as we thought as I became very poorly resulting in a visit to a Spanish hospital. Despite the illness we had such a fantastic family holiday, the children were great, we did lots of exploring, sun bathing and celebrated Charlie’s 5th birthday in the sunshine. I can’t believe he’s 5 – waaaah!!

We returned home to England being absolutely freezing, the heating went on as did the fluffy socks and chunky jumpers. It’s lovely going abroad but I do like coming home to all my comforts. The weather certainly improved didn’t it – how amazing was the bank holiday weekend?

It seems like everyone had such a great weekend and are all very sad it is over. Even though the kiddies are a bit intense during any school holiday, I really love having them home. The house is utter chaos and I’m run ragged but one day I’ll miss all the commotion and being needed, my house will be spotless and there will be nothing for me to do. They are growing up so incredibly quickly it scares me. I need a pause button, I want them to stay little forever but at the same time I want to watch them grow and see what kind of beautiful people they become – it’s all very bittersweet this parenting malarkey.

Life has been very up and down just lately, I’ve had quite scary health issues and have felt extremely down and anxious. I’ve tried to ignore the bad thoughts and feelings but today I can’t keep control of them, I’m allowing myself not to feel okay and I just have to ride it out. I feel like I need a really big cry and then I’ll be alright, things are getting me down, I’m emotional and am worrying constantly about issues I have zero control over. So for today I’m having a down day and am a ball of anxiety, it may be holiday blues it may not.

I’ve not blogged in a couple of weeks and it has felt amazing not to have to publish posts (I know I don’t HAVE to blog), worry about stats and DA scores. I’m not really sure where I’m going this year with my blog, don’t get me wrong I love having an online diary of achievements and milestones but I’m not sure my heart is entirely in it any more. Does anyone really read blogs? Should I pack it all in and just keep building my social media platforms? I’m in limbo and aren’t sure what the next step should be.

I really hope everyone has a great week, I hear the weather is on the turn again so no doubt we will be pulling those cosy cardigans and boots out again.


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