End of term thoughts…

Half term is approaching, the kiddies are all exhausted and have every single bug going, and mum is ready for a more slow paced morning. Well, that is the case in our household anyway.

Amelie started in Reception in September, she was super excited and nervous all the same. I had done my sobbing into my tea towel whilst making dinner for 4 days straight, I was ready for her big journey. Dropping her off on her first day went well, we took the standard uniform pictures in every single possible location in the house, she had her new Lelli Kellys and her book bag ready to go. I won’t lie, I had a massive lump in my throat at the time but I was so excited for her. She already knew lots of children who would be in her new class as most of them went to her pre school, she saw old friends and met new ones. Amelie settled into school really well and I am so proud of how grown up she is, she takes everything in her stride, I knew she would be fine.

The house is extremely quiet without my little wild princess tearing around playing dress up. Charlie has missed having his big sister boss him around and play games only they understand. To say I am looking forward to half term is an understatement. I cannot wait to have her to myself, to enjoy her and most of all, to have family time.

Amelie picked up a cold in week 2 of the term and it has steadily turned into an inflamed ear and swollen tonsils along with headaches and a tummy ache. My poor girl is so under the weather, she is exhausted. Obviously when I took her to the doctors she was dancing around acting like there was nothing wrong – why do children always do that!?

So, how have the past 6 weeks been? They have made me realise how quickly time flies and how quickly both of my children are growing up right before my eyes and that makes me sad inside. But, we have so many lovely things to look forward to over half term, birthday parties, play dates, a weekend away in Cornwall and of course the most exciting thing ever…. Halloween!!

I hope all of your little people have settled in well at school, here’s to a week of fun!


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