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Family Baking with Little Cooks Co

There is nothing quite like a family Sunday, spending time together and doing a spot of baking. We were lucky enough to receive a Little Cooks Co baking box to review.


Little Cooks Co is a monthly baking/recipe subscription box that you receive through the post, especially for children. The box is packed with all the healthy, natural ingredients required to bake whatever surprise is inside. The subscription is £8.99 a month and you are free to cancel at any point, all boxes are compostable.


Inside our box we found two recipe cards, one to make jam tarts and another to make veggie tarts. We chose jam tarts as both of my children (and me) have a sweet tooth. Contained in the box were the main ingredients you need to make the pastry and part of the filling. As with all things these recipes are completely adaptable to meet your needs, I was very happy to see that this particular box was gluten and dairy free as I am coeliac.

I set the children up with the ingredients and utensils, everything is already measured out for you which is brilliant as this saves time faffing around with scales and you know how impatient children can be. Both took in turns to pour out flour, mix and read the card – Amelie was chief recipe reader. The instructions were so easy to follow and laid out clearly.

When it came to filling the tarts I decided to skip the make your own jam part, so I bought some Fearne & Rosie reduced sugar strawberry jam from Waitrose. Although we didn’t want to waste the Chia Seeds, so Mr K came up with the idea of mixing them into the jam which was fab.


I was so impressed with how the tarts turned out – they were utterly scrumptious! I thought the ingredients were of such a good quality everything worked how it was supposed to. The children absolutely loved baking with Mr K and I it really was such a fun activity to do as a family – a team effort.

I think the whole concept of receiving the Little Cooks Co box through the letterbox is just fantastic. It encourages children to work together, explore new textures and tastes, work on their fine motor skills, they have to follow instructions meaning they listen and are beaming when they see the end result. I was really proud of how Amelie and Charlie listened to me, cut strawberries, spooned in jam, got messy and then ate the jam tarts (Charlie is a fussy eater). The great thing is you can keep the recipe cards, set up a little “Children’s Cook Book” folder and return to your favourite recipe when you feel like baking.

I think this monthly subscription box is a super gift idea and gives children something exciting to look forward to each month. Why not make it a family tradition every month to bake with the kiddies and create some wonderful memories.


DISCLAIMER: The Little Cooks Co box was sent to us to review in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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