Fireworks in Exmouth


We had good intentions this bonfire night, for the past couple of years we had talked about getting fireworks and sparklers to let off in our garden. Unfortunately, we always missed the boat and arrived at the shops too late to buy any. So this year we were super organised and took a trip to The Range and Home Bargains.

Our original plan was to take the children to Exmouth beach when it was dark on bonfire night, light our sparklers and watch other people’s displays from the sand. This plan had to be abandoned though as the excitement was all too much for my little Charlie and he fell asleep whilst eating his hotdog.

These are a few photos from our weekend, we saw and heard probably the whole of Exmouth’s wonderfully organised displays and of course, every street within the vicinity and they are still going off days later.


I know I shouldn’t laugh but I love this photo, Charlie looks like he’s had too many beers and has passed out!



I hope you all had a super fun and safe bonfire night.


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