Friday Thoughts

How are the summer holidays going for you, have you been abroad or had a stay-cation? I can’t believe we only have 3 weeks left of lazy starts and no routine. I’m trying not to think about Charlie starting big school or Amelie going into Year 2 as it is really bittersweet and I just want to soak up our time left together.

Having said that, I’m going to be completely honest and say I have now reached the point where I’m absolutely exhausted, utterly drained and feel like there is no escape for me. I know I’m extremely luck to be able to stay at home with the children and I’m not having a moan about that. But I am allowed to have a rant about how tired I am how the bickering from the minute they wake up to bedtime is making my ears bleed, how fed up I am of having to run around and pander to their every need within a second of them barking an order at me. How I wish I could throw all the dirty dishes in the bin as I’m sick of doing about 6 sink fulls of dishes every day, how I cannot cope with the state of the house even though I’m chasing my tail cleaning up after everyone. I realise I could leave the crumbs on the floor and the toothpaste all over the sink but that is not me, I hate dirt. Toys are fine but dirt and grime – no thanks.

I bet every single parent out there who has been with their children non stop for the last 3 weeks feels the same. I have run out of activities to do, the constant ‘What are we doing next mummy?’ is driving me a teeny bit insane as well as them eating me out of house and home. Seriously, they have breakfast then they are immediately hungry ‘Is it lunchtime yet?’ ‘I’m hungry, can I have a snack’ ‘can you get me a drink?’ it is never ending and I’m done in.

I feel like I need a holiday on my own with no other human being around, to just sit and not have to get up every two seconds because someone needs their bum wiped. I know they are just being children and they are used to being busy all day but it is intense and suffocating some days. I think they are bored of each other too, we all need a little break from each other just to refresh and clear our heads a bit, I’m sure they are sick to death of hearing my nagging voice telling them to ‘calm down’. We all thrive on routine in our house and it is getting to the stage where we need a bit of order restored.

As a mum I put my children before myself for everything, if they are happy and content it makes life a little easier on me but by doing this I run myself into the ground and end up feeling shattered, snappy and emotional. I feel like I need to do something for me (I sound very selfish) but I can’t think of a single thing I would want to do all by myself as I would want them to be around me as well – anyone else feel this way?

I guess that is just what being a mum is all about and I’ll miss these demanding days when they are all grown up.


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