Getting Festive – Blogmas Day 6


It is Saturday evening as I write this Christmassy post, the children are tucked up in bed, I’m surrounded by a warm glow from the bazillion fairy lights I’ve put up today and I’m content. I love Christmas and always look forward to putting up the decorations. However, the thought is always more appealing than reality and it was chaos in here today with bits of Christmas tree everywhere, lights in a tangle, baubles all over the floor and two excited mini people who were ever so eager to assist. For the first year ever I’ve turned into “that” mum, who lets the kiddies decorate the tree first then takes everything off and re-decorates herself. Yup, that’s me and I am that controlling, but I could not leave my tree with just the middle section decorated – I’m not even sorry!

I started with the outside decorations whilst Amelie was at ballet this morning. When she came home we went into the loft and pulled all the decs out. I always start with the tree by putting lights on, then baubles and ribbon to finish. Our tree is champagne gold and brown – sounds gross but it looks lovely. I really wish I could have one of these trees that I see on Instagram, grey/silver theme sparkles, glitter the whole shebang. Everything matches in these photos and people’s houses are more than immaculate, I have noticed an influx of grey themed décor on my feed of late but everyone’s houses look the same. Our tree and decorations do not match and never will sadly but that is what Christmas has always been about for me.

Anyway, here’s a few pics from our day, you will see by the end the children got fed up and decided to play sack races in my Christmas bags – little monkeys.


Just look at the mess in this room, you can tell my children love climbing on my poor sofa.














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