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On The Go Snacks For Kids

I thought I would share with you my favourite on the go snacks for kids that I take with me on days out and trips in the car. I do take drinks with me but I make these fresh before we venture out.

Charlie is a huge fan of Soreen and these little lunchbox sized bars are really yummy. I know Charlie is not a baby weaning any more but he loves a fruit pouch, I really don’t like the children eating whilst I’m driving as I worry they will choke, but sometimes they are hungry so I know I’m safe with giving him a fruit pouch to suck on. He’s gone off eating bananas so this is perfect for getting his fruit intake in. Fake mini cheddars – these can stay in the snack bag for ages and are great for those snack attack moments.

I would be lost without a box of raisins kicking around in the bottom of my bag, luckily both kiddies will eat them. Yoghurt topped rice cakes are scrumptious and these Aldi ones come in a pack of 3 making it easy to pop into a lunchbox. Again, another item from Adli – Teddy Faces – love these!

I have bought these Fruit Bowl Yogurt Flakes for the children since they were little, they are really sweet though so we limit these, but they are super tasty. Organix Goodies Mini Gingerbread Men are a firm favourite in our house, we love the full sized version of these (especially for dunking in my cuppa tea) but I also love that they come in snack sized packets. I put one of these in the children’s packed lunch as a nice treat.

I do add apples, strawberries and raspberries to the snack bag but these dry snacks are good for stocking up on so I’m never caught out, as my children are ravenous the moment we step out of the door.


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